FREE NUGS FROM THE DISPENSARY? They Didn't Have The Strain I Wanted 'PURPLE'

2 years ago

I went into the dispensary down the road the other day, Cannabis Lab in Kenduskaeg, Maine to grab an eighth of Purple Punch. They were unfortunately sold out so I grabbed a different strain. A guy in the back popped out with a few nugs of this stuff and gave it to me and said it's just called 'Purple' and it'll be on the shelves soon. I was stoked because of how beautiful this nug looked in the bag! Here are the pics I took!

This is all I could find on anything close the the name he gave me!
Thanks for looking SMOKErs!! I've said purple way too many times the past few minutes it's starting to sound weird!

#cryptosmokers #medicalmarijuana #purps #strains #nugporn

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURPLE IS RIGHT! NICE!

That looks alien! 👽🔥

That's quite the purple on it. Looks like a grape. Is it a indica or Sativa?