📷 Cannashots by DreamOn [Trichome Forests]

2 years ago

Hello all!
Today I reviewed my #photo archives from which I chose a few pictures I wanted to share with you!

These #buds were grown and smoked by me last fall, but the number and variety of memorable photos that I have will please the #smokenetwork for a long time!

This grain, which was accidentally cut in half during the trimming, also attracted my attention with its structure. It is noteworthy that the outer scales have not yet had time to peel off the immature grain.

One more macro shot selected in today's top, this midge was caught while trying to eat my #trichomes!
!If you are a midge and read it - remember, never eat trichomes the size of your head, otherwise you will not be able to fly later... lol

Have you ever thought that trichomes are like small mushrooms?))) Sometimes it seems to me when I consider them in approximation. Although I certainly understand that this is complete nonsense))

Thank you for stopping by!

UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!

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Awesome pictures, can see the crystal droplettes and hair crystals so clearly. Interesting to see that grain cut open - i wasn't expecting that :)


I knew that the pictures of the grain will be a success) ...it's like a cut mussel

Great photos and macros. Midget knows what is good. Can't blame him,right?


Which is naturally is not ugly!
I perfectly understand this creation)))

beautiful photography!

The photos are spectacular. The colors and hairs are very beautiful and appealing. They do sometimes seem like little shrooms. Don't they?