Femtorix Flower Shot

last year

At Lights on This Morning, Femtorix Said She Was Ready

It's been a while since I took new photos, so I fought the demon and took a few. I particularly liked this one. :) She was not grown trichome dense, so it's awesome to see how frosty she is anyway. She'll be ridiculous in the right conditions.

Femtorix is NOT a Strain

Just so there isn't any confusion out there, let me explain what Femtorix actually is. lol She's a Femmed Satori Mix of several different strains/crosses.
About 10 years ago I had a grow going, right about the same time I began learning what sub-zero temps can do to objects. The window in the grow room was covered by two pieces of plywood, and I'd sealed up the light leak between them as always.

When the tape failed, it failed on the bottom half, so standing next to it you wouldn't easily 'see' it had come undone. Just enough to expose a crack to the outside. Just enough to allow the sun to beam the plants during the night cycle. lol

So, Femtorix is a bag of seeds I have left from three of the Satori X Princess Diesel plants which were in the room. All of the plants hermied, all of the plants were seeded with their own pollen and all the others.

Satori x Princess Diesel
Ak-47 x Princess Diesel
Trainwreck x Princess Diesel
African Haze

This Femtorix smells a lot like Trainwreck. :)

Stability? Hermie Traits?

Oh yes, they're light sensitive as all get out and hermie at the drop of a photon. As long as you give them pure dark, they perform very well indeed. :) Nice big fat Satori style flowers, with a variety of chemotypes. I've only run a few so far, and they've all been this frosty. :)

Wish I'd kept more...

Go BE Awesome!!

#grow #accidental #Satori #cross

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When pollinating a plant, can you not merge multiple strain's pollen together? Or is it more of a singular sperm situation? 😂


It's a singular thing. Each seed will be a cross of the plant it came from, and whatever pollen it was pollinated with. :)


So, each of these seeds are a random shot in the dark as to what cross it is. :)


Damn, that's a shame. It'd be cool if you could pulverize it in a water solution with other strain's pollen to merge, but probably not how it works.


Correct, it does not work this way.

Each of these seeds will be Satori x Princess Diesel, but which plant fathered the cross will be a huge variable. None of the strains are considered 'stable' and produce a variety of differences between seed plants.

Do a little research on breeding plants, you may find it rather interesting. :)


That is awesome question and way to out it... would love to know

Just look at all the space between the trichomes. Can you imagine how it will look when grown trichome dense?


Ok, so.... this particular plant is very pleasant for me. The downside is it makes me rather non-functional as far as memory and executive function are concerned.

Makes my wife rather silly. lol