#Fryday #nugporn • I’m 👀 at Poe G, Beautiful Nightmare & Birthday Cake

4 months ago

Happy #fryday everyone and special thanks to @cryptosmokers for the initiative. Now, let’s get into some sweet nugs that are worth looking at. I mean, it’s #nugporn so who can resist? Shout out to @indica for the warm welcome and @potspoon for giving me the creeps 🤣 and Making sweet content fur muh eyeballs.

Beautiful Nightmare / Sativa • 18% THC

genetics: Blue Dream x Black Madura
Produced by: Grassroots
Daddy’s 🍩 Rating: 🍩🍩🍩🍩 4/5

Poe G / hybrid • 17.3% THCA

Genetics: unknown
Produced by: Grassroots
Daddy’s 🍩 Rating: 🍩🍩🍩 3/5

Birthday Cake 🎂 / Indica-Dominant Hybrid •

Genetics: crossed with Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies
Produced by: Grassroots
Daddy’s 🍩 Rating: 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 5/5

Legal Medical Cannabis Cardholder 🔥 responsibly

Who doesn’t love a little #nugporn on #fryday?

What strains are you enjoying? Let me know down low ⬇️

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Cheers 😊


a real ‘toast’ 🔥 to u
Enjoy the Nightmare ✌️😉

Welcome to the Smoke community. Glad to see it didn’t take too many wakenbakes for approval. 🤘


Haha High five @unnamed
Only one wakenbake, that’s pretty swift! Happy to be part of the community and hopefully contributing to hot 🔥 🤘Thanks for the welcome!

The mention is greatly appreciated. The strains look like something that would be great to enjoy at a campfire.


Keep that content rollin @cryptosmokers. I love your initiative and the way you present it. Your work stood out in the feed and I knew right as I read it that I wanted to help push. It’s a great community building endeavor and I’m glad you are doing it. I’ll help however I can and hopefully we can all find ways to enhance this community, together.

I had to mix all these strains and try it out - oooooooooooooweeeeee
You gave me any idea with “campfire”... roasted a mix of the trees and made s’mores at 11:30 at night 😆😆

Since really dank looking strains, nice one 👍


This one is super dank, @indica. 5 🍩 Rating all around 😆

The bugs look amazing. Beautiful Nightmare sounds the best to me. I would enjoy it before getting some work done definitely.


The Beautiful Nightmare is a tasty one, too. It’s a great day strain for me and good for booting up the creative brain when I’m looking to focus on creating. Thanks for the support and welcome - I already feel at home here!! 🔥 A roasting toast to you @zuculuz


Every stoners home is here. They just don't know it all yet. Hahaha that's why we have to help them find their way home.


I’ll be working on a little ‘connect the dots’ strategy here and I’m sure we can grow the network, the old fashioned organic way. Slowly but surely 😉 let’s lead by example and show the world that thinks we are just stoners, just what stoners can do! I’m powering up once I get to my machine and then hitting some sub communities to spread the word.

It really is a great place to be, seriously, this community is welcoming - no reason to NOT be here. I’m kicking myself for taking so damn long.

Welcome to this Community! Glad to have you joining us....Keep puffin' for a high!


Happy to be a part of Smoke.io and really loving the community here already! You all make it feel like home. Having all of the likeminded creatives here makes this an opportunity to educate and present cannabis in a way that the world has never seen. I’m glad to be part of it and happy to meet all of you. Team Cannabis for the win!