Cannabis Salad Sunday on with Daddy Daycare 2.0

11 months ago

Happy Sunday, #StonerFam - Mixing The POT on With @daddydaycare2x


We have some great #strains here, so expect extra #nugporn today!

What’s in the mix?

• Chem De La Chem (review coming soon!)

• Bubba Diagonal see my full review here

• Cookie Budder see my full review here

• Birthday Cake see my full review here

• Girl Scout Cookies see my full review here

• Sweeties #4 Kief (review coming soon!)

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Start the relaxation... Sweeties #4 Kief by HMS Health on some mixed cannabis flower. A little sprinkle on a bong hit will set your mind free!


Just picked up some Chem De La Chem... expect a review next week on this phenomenal 🔥

It’s a monster! THC testing on this batch came in at 31.2% THC 👀. I just had to make a salad with this one! It’s a great addition to the collection, so why not mix it up with some other crucial #cannabis?? You’ll be seeing a full review on this one, but here’s a preview:


Mixing Some Cannabis On Sunday Here On #SmokeNetwork


For some reason I hum Bob Marley “Stir it up” whenever I grind cannabis 🤣


Slow & Steady Method

I like to use a little bud of each and grind small amounts at a time. Here I am using a dual screen to double sift - 60 micron & 80 micron screens. You can really see the difference in the slight 20 micron variation between the two.


Time to mix my sift with Sweeties #4 & Add my Kief Salad Sprinkles onto my Cannabis Salad Mix

Just a little sprinkle of this ☝️ goes a long way It’s potent and delicious - sometimes a dangerous combination! #Terpenes heaven here.

I don’t use all of this at once. Would you?

I try to use this moderately and I honestly don’t like being overly-stoned or feeling intoxicated. Don’t get me wrong, once upon a time there was that phase in my life. As I grow older, I tend to be much more conservative than I was a decade ago.

Well, not always... 🤣
I did this earlier in the week and couldn’t finish it. I’m a lightweight now apparently. Cannabis mix with hash crumbles and kief on it... I lit that one for about 3 times. Total overkill.

I enjoy the occasional blunts and joints, but there’s really no reason for me to use this high-powered cannabis mixture like that. I’d be as lifted as I want to get after two hits of a joint of this mix — the rest would just be overkill to me. I had a headache today but a little Sunday Cannabis Salad crushed that immediately after a nice rip with some Kief on it.

⚠️ ❓ Anyone Mixing Up A Sunday Cannabis Salad? Drop pics in comments! ⬇️⏬⬇️

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First of all—thanks for the song now stuck in my head 😐

Something must be in the air in the tristate area cuz I got a killer headache myself and needed a little Sunday mixer. Redd Cross 20% sent a little nurse and FLOJO 18% is giving my mojo back.


I need to get my grinding skills up! I enjoyed hearing your process 🤣

Hats off to you parents man! If I had to think about anyone else’s wellbeing other than my own today we’d all be screwed!

Go eagles! 🦅


I like to collect da Kief! The switchable screens was why I started using these Kannastor grinders about 3 years ago. Sometimes I slap a 40 mesh in and gather a bunch of shake then step up to 60 & 80 to refine it. I have even used my 100 mesh for a while but it really takes only the gland heads, not much stalk. It takes a TON to make a little, but it’s some fierce shit, I swear. Straight to the dome 🤤

Hats off to you parents man! If I had to think about anyone else’s wellbeing other than my own today we’d all be screwed!

😆😆😆 Kids don’t have a Pause button ⏸

It’s constant whether u can handle it or not..LOL

That looks like a sweeeeet mix you’ve got @potspoon!! Enjoy that ❤️


When I first got mine, I put hash through it really successfully, after getting cocky it ended up fully gunking up the teeth, big mistake hahah


Haha yea never know til ya try! If I’m not sifting for Kief, I still prefer a little pair of sharp, stainless scissors. Snipping a bud that way loses way less and damn if I don’t enjoy scissor hash too 😆💚

I like to think it’s a case of learning to pace ourselves. Pace to maximize the fun as long as possible all while performing normally.

As I grow older, I tend to be much more conservative than I was a decade ago.

I always say “I consumer moderately, never have two spliffs at the same time”.

Btw... rumor goes that as we age most of us become more sensitive to THC and thus require less of it.


I’m right there with you, @unnamed. I must be getting old 🤣
I like to keep a nice, even balance. ‘Sustain the gains’ is my motto. The more I can reduce pain and remain productive - the better. A week without an emergency chiropractor appt is a great week for me nowadays..haha

Wow, can I taste it? How I wish doing like these all. 'ou are lucky in your place.


Thank you @lawlai. I am very blessed and grateful, indeed. I hope the world begins to see cannabis as a blessing not a curse, so the entire world may enjoy it.

I need to get a new grinder I got it stuck (I have since got it unstuck) and out of desperation I cut the kief screen on it to get to the middle chamber. It still works don't get me wrong, but I liked that kief collection screen area. The sad part is I have had that grinder for 20 years and they just don't make them this good anymore.


I had the same issue with my Grindhouse, after about 10 years I had to remove the center screen portion because it became a ‘Kief trap’ more than anything. I got my first Gr8tr a little more than 3 years ago and had only 1 issue (I dropped it) and essentially rendered it useless. I wrote to the company and they must’ve felt bad for me because they sent a replacement. I won’t complain that it’s the new model But I will say that all the screens I have swap over from v1 to v2 nicely and I’m glad I have a real grinder again.
Since I had my grindhouse so long,, I figured just spend the money and get a tool that would last. GR8TR has the lifetime warranty and they were so kind to even warranty my stupidity (which I’m sure they won’t do again 😆) but that is why I have a grinder so all thanks to them. Have you looked into their grinders? I got my first one from 420science I think with a sweet discount too (which is why I ordered the first one). They used to be like $90 which was out of my league, but I snagged my v1 for $60 or so back in 2016.
We gotta get you back in the #grind @tecnosgirl!! 🤘😎


I missed threaded mine and it got stuck. What is sad I clean my grinders well that even though it is 20 years old it still looks new. I wish it was a kief issue. But if you freeze your grinder before cleaning everything comes right out with a few taps and leaves grinders looking brand new. And I would never spend that much on a grinder. Dude I am so cheap, all the stuff I give away most of it I got free or nearly free. $20 is the most I would spend on a grinder and it best be a big one.


My grindhouse I’ve had since who knows when, probably 10+ years... you can see the black has worn away (which likely ended up in my smoke) and it’s best days are long gone. I cringed at spending the $$, but the GR8TR was worth every penny. Especially since I had one, broke it, got the new

I might be more of a cheapskate, but I have nothing but love for this mega tool. I cheap out on glass since I’ve had so many garbage pieces that cost a fortune. Now free or $20 is my glass limit. Had a baddass Sherlock by Empire Glass that I kept on display and used rarely on special occasions - it fkn fell apart, literally. Sitting there on a shelf and started dropping glass parts like rain. It crumbled to pieces on a shelf..LOL

Just the versatility alone makes it my favorite grinder I’ve ever used.

I grind small amounts at a time, so 2.2” is plenty for me. Any bigger than that is a blender, right? 😆😆


This is my old girl see how the grinder teeth is different, you can't find them this way anymore. They are better than the teeth that are flat and side angled as the points with the side angles really make it easier.
And yes currently it needs a cleaning again.


They certainly don’t make em like they used to! That thing will last forever. And yes...looks like she needs a bath 😋