2 Strains Tuesday: Lemon OG Kush and Garlic Cookies = Most Potent Flower I’ve Ever Seen! 38.6% THC 😱

9 months ago


Just left Euphoria Wellness with two strains:

• Lemon OG Kush - 22% THC - expect a full review of this one!


Garlic Cookies ⬅️ (Full Review) - The batch that I previously reviewed tested at 33.9% THC



I have never seen OR smoked flower that was 38+%

I actually was laughing with the budtender at the dispensary when I mentioned this batch of Garlic Cookies had higher THC levels than the gram of kief I purchased there. He added the fact that the most potent Kief they currently had in shop was under 33% THC 🤣

Seriously, if this is the new ‘level’ for cannabis potency, what is next?

Before we know it cannabis will become giant trichomes growing out of the dirt. It’s amazing to see how humans are driving cannabis to higher levels than I ever imagined.

Roll the #Nugporn!


⏫ Garlic Cookies - 38.6% Monster! ⏫


⏫ Lemon OG Kush - 22% ⏫

Closer Sneak Peek 👀

Lemon OG Kush looks 🔥 at first glance, doesn’t it?

Here’s the Monster! Unleash the Garlic Cookies

Full review on the Lemon OG Kush Coming This Week!

The first sample of this one is excellent and exactly what I needed today. It is worth a full review and I look forward to diving deep into this one.

I will also be doing a #strain spotlight on the Garlic Cookies - a flower that tests at 38.6% THC is worth looking into, right?! I think so. I smoked a small bowl of this one and it is very strong. I’ll be diving into this one for a feature spotlight, so BOLO!

What is the most potent flower you have ever smoked?

Even if you don’t know the potency or strain, tell me some strong bud stories! e.g.

Maybe a time you were caught by surprise with some herb stronger than usual

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Alien Jack—33% must be it for me!

Of course this was a go to of mine before I started paying attention, GO FIGURE.

27%— uhhh I guess 33% is my sweet spot I’ve realized.

Toke on!


I remember years ago hearing about 30% strains and remember thinking “NO WAY, that’s BS”. Back then it was mostly just rumors, but someone pulled it off. I’ve heard now there’s a flower that has topped 40% 😳 That’s higher concentration than some concentrates! This batch of Garlic Cookies is the strongest herb I’ve ever seen but still just under 40% so now I must believe that it’s possible. Which is crazy!

I was joking with the budtenders that soon weed plants will just be huge resin balls on sticks 😆 or just one huge trichome that grows out of the soil.

Low 30s is pretty good for me. This 38 would take some getting used to..haha fkn slams hard

Damn.. that's some serious shit.. I had 33% before but that's the best I've seen. You should mail me a pound or two to sample 😂


😆🔥 this shit messed me up. I bought a gram and have 3/4 of it left..haha had to put it away. At damn near 40% this stuff slams hard! It’s like licking a finger & sticking it into a light socket.. body tingle and heart speeds up.

You should mail me a pound or two to sample 😂

I’ll email ya some 😋

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