Two Handfuls Of London Fog To Celebrate My....

in #nugporn
11 months ago


Well it’s good for celebrating everything of course but mainly, this time, becoming a witness here on!

London Fog, pungent and musky, dense buds, tons of crystal. I picked up and OZ of this to share with my fiancé as it’s just one of those strains I do not tire of 💪

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Looks super dank!

Another amazing name for a strain! It sounds so mysterious. London fog. I love it! It would be even better if it made the name even more relevant, by being a creeper bud! One of those that you keep hitting and then all of a sudden, it hits you like a freight train! ;)


You've got my vote for witness! Glad to see that there are new people interested in joining the ranks still. We sure could use some! Glad to have you on the witness team!


Well I’m very open about my intentions, I want to learn and system requirements fit for the rig I have available. I see potential here, want to learn how to code and it seems this blockchain is in need of us interested in finding ways of adding value 🙌

Appreciate the vote my fellow witness and have returned the favour 😘


Yea I always loved the names with “haze” marketing tactics of budz 🤔 not so much a creeper more mellow on but man does it pack a punch still... best part is nearly no burn out which I still don’t understand 😅