That's up to you to decide

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2 years ago

Every night you should remember, those who fight and won't surrender.

Some give all to keep you free, might lose their lives to advertise some weed.

Dirty cops kill dogs, children, wives and grandmas, all that peace gone, but where's tomorrow?

Will you wake up, or shake up? Keep up or close up? Will you, Light up and Smoke up?

Grow the herb with both fists up, never give this shit up! Do it for you and do it for me.

I won't stop growing Mary Jane trees. Not til I'm dead and when that time comes....


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Lol. I hear that. As far as im concerned, if its grown responsibly and for personal use, it's legal and nobody can tell me otherwise. Been doing it for 10 years and I plan to continue til im dead.


Keep up the good work! :)

Nice one

yeee! Even if it was illegal where i am, i would still grow