My stash for the weekend!

in #nugporn
last year


Ohh yea got me some of that Kief, the trichomes on this badboy are magnificent.

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It looks like you're going to have a high weekend. :-)

· down ? Not working anymore ????

Would be nice to get a review on El Chapo and Disneyland :)


I will post it once I smoke it!

envious, did all that lot come straight from a recreational dispensary? looks like da good stuff ...

I guess I have tested one of those buds before now

How high do you feel when you take those?


Well you feel extra high, with the Kief you get a nice body high and a nice head high. I feel like a balloon with a string , if that makes sense.


May b i'll try my hands on one of those

This looks like a lot for a weekend.


Not enough : )

El Chapo sounds harder than it looks. 😅

Amazing. I have tried Cali weed for the first time yesterday.. dam!!! Such amazingness.

Hi :) is down :( are you going to get it back up soon?