Whats Up Smoke Fam!!! It's been a while

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4 months ago

How's it going? I've been quite busy with work so I haven't posted in a while. Got some free time this weekend so I figured I show my buddies what I've been smoking :)

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 1.09.02 AM.jpeg

Beautiful strain. Very easy to clean and there's minimal wastage. Tastes insane! It's got this earthy taste to it with a tinge of raw mango. Like most of the weed I get here, I would prefer to lay on the couch and listen to music, but if you end with any chores, it's not a big deal to do.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 1.09.02 AM (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 1.09.01 AM.jpeg

In other news,

Recently I created a poll on Lumeos asking people if they have heard of Smoke and the response I received was quite over whelming. Although it did not make it to the trending polls section, it was upvoted more than majority of the polls which was amazing. Ignore the percentage of people who chose "Not my cup of tea" as I'm sure they were going with the first option regardless, which I have evidence of people doing. I'm not dismissing all of the votes but that percentage is not exactly accurate. Other than that I saw a lot of folks who were either interested or already on Smoke which is awesome :) photo6309723694662002788.jpg

Again, I don't believe these polls to be very accurate but shows that Smoke has received positive exposure IMO. That's about it for now. Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Cheers!

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They’re alive! Welcome back, mate! 🦇

Little more than 1/3rd saying they’re not pro is actually representative of the population in the USA.

So assuming that Lumeos has an international userbase, also with people from countries where there is no progress yet and stigmatization is still huge... that’s rather good poll results.

I would rather be interested in those 26%. Come out of the woods, no need to be shy here on Smoke.io!


Thanks :) Definitely positive results. Lumeos could be a great marketing tool.

Nice to see you back.
Looks like a solid bud, a bit dry. No?


Thanks bud! Actually it wasn't dry, smoked pretty good :)

Hi! Nice to see you back. Your strain looks lighter in volume but the way you described its characteristics I like how it drains on you, it´s good.... keep puffin ´for a high bro!


Thanks :) yeah not very dense but was nice to smoke

Welcome back. It's good to see that so many people are interested in it or at least know about it. With the slowly but steadily growth of the openness of the cannabis community towards their passion for cannabis. I believe 2019. and 2020. will be very big years for the global cannabis community. With New Zealand discussing legalization in 2020 and South Korea starting to import it for research and untreatable disease and many more news all around the globe. These next few years will be big and Smoke.io will grow together with the upcoming global revolution for cannabis and the freedom of its usage.


Most definitely! Even I've been reading a lot of positive news regards to regulation. Hoping for the best asap :D


It's getting better.


Indeed :)

Mango flavored buds does sound nice. What is Lumeos?


It's a dapp built on eos where you answer polls and get rewarded in lume. Supposedly is a social networking platform, hope that works out for them. It's fun. Check it out :)