Sunday ohh Lazy Sunday 🌀- My Massively Critical ⚡️ Laziness

7 months ago

Sunday ohh Lazy Sunday - My Massively Critical Laziness

Good evening,

How you all been doing today?

I got some new buds today, I've been waiting for this strain to come back to stock...

It is a strain i heard lots of good reviews about, and wanted to try it for quite a while.

It is this strong Indica dominant hybrid, a combination of Skunk and Afghani and can reach up to 25% thc.

I loved the earthy and a bit spicy aroma.

It is a darker green purplish color, been cured perfectly and ready to be rolled up.

Too bad i didnt ask the guy what are the effects of this strain, as later i have figured out that those effect are pretty much : "makes you lazy as fuck"...

So after smoking that spliff i am almost sure that i started to move like 30% slower…

But it gave me an opportunity to do some "computer work" instead of sweating my ass outside.

Its been extra hot today...again...seems like that is going to be like this till the end of the summer, i would give away all my DOGE coins for some rain right now!

The tomatoes seem to be liking it though, been producing like crazy in the past few weeks…

And the little one was enjoying poicking them up, not much watering to do, so thats the ionly thing she can do :)

Had quite the harvest from just a few plants...I love hydroponics!

Too bad I cannot have such a setup growing some other more medicial type of plants, I am sure my girl would enjoy picking them just as much ;)

Thats it for today guys, as I said..quite the lazy day :)

Though I did manage to do a few thats good!

Time to head back home...

Gonna have a quiet evening with my loved ones!

Tell me how was you day, what you been up to, and how life been treating you?

See you next time, until then dont forget to smoke!

#nugporn #smoking #canna-curate #cryptosmokers #weed

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"A marijuana high can enhance core human mental abilities!"


*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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I've heard of critical mass, it's one i have to try sometime too - looks nice and resinous, from the smell it sounds like a hardy indica, niice for a lazy sunday. Holiday weekend here, tomorrow's Canada Day w0000! :D


Yeah it is a strong indica for sure! Made me so lazyyyy.. :)

Happy Canada Day My friend! You are living in my most favorite country in the whole world...I absolutely love it there!

Hi, always happy to read your article. My son also loves to help me, how great it is.


Thanks my friend...I am sure your son will grew up to be a Green Thumb as yourself!
Those are some good life skills you passing on there.


Many thanks

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Yeah i wish...