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6 months ago

#indica for life

#bubba 26.30% #thc

#masterkush 25.20% #thc

#smoke lots
#smoke often

#follow for more great #bud

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Wow... beautiful nug. Upsmoked and resmoked.


thank you! i enjoy the higher indca thc content smoke :)

Where do you get all these nice nugs ?! They look so dank.


i pick them up either from a dispensary locally or i travel a little bit and go see a friend who runs a dispensary a little further away. theres a few decent places around my area to gather good smoke from

Nice photo of quality looking bud. How did it smoke?


it tastes amazing, burned nice and clean with a great after taste. (for both strains)!

Indicas are great! Always good for mellowing out, no doubt! Looks like you've got some quality stuff there! :) I try to smoke lots, as often as I can! :P


sativa seems to give my other half i headaches so we stick to our indca :)

Welcome home, homie!
Weedincredibly yours is THIS



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