Smoke report - FF3

last month

Presenting a little smoke report of my Photoperiod tester FF3 from Fastbud genetics.

bw 2.jpg

A few days back I had posted showing on how beautiful this particular bud was. Today, I'm going to share its inner beauty that shines when it burns.

I had found this particular strain very charming till the end and was not surprised as it had shown tremendous fitness in her whole growth process all round her mainline journey.

bw 3.jpg

  • Smell:

Sweet Cherry, pineapple kind of floral after taste. I found it indeed a very tasty one.

  • Effect:

This Sativa/Indica hybrid feels like I'm smoking energetic and triggering Amnesia Haze that gathers high focus.

My daily morning schedule starts with smoke, call it a morning bowl, then yoga, a nice outdoor walk, and ends with cleaning the house, delivering all with a daily smile 😊

bw 1.jpg

  • Demerits:

Lack of potency, lack of hangtime. I mean, it should for a little longer no?

Or perhaps it's my genetics that beats this FF3 but I have decided not to grow this again.

  • Summary:

Everyone can't be a winner but I think that's why we call it testing, Don't we??
I also can't forget that she had popped my mainline cherry and for that she always holds a cosy place in my heart.

Stay trippy, stay happy!

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Great close-up shots and a very healthy morning routine you have.


Fufilling mornings

Great strain man

Beautiful buds 😊💚

The flavors sound quite enticing but the fact that the buzz isn't all that great or long-lasting is a bummer!

Woww! Love it! :D