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Would love to hear more about your community.



Hey thanks for asking about us !
We are a smaller group of growers (about 100 of us ) with breeding and cannabis growing in mind .

We try to network together as much as possible with our closest members to share genetics and create cannabis strains and related products .
We try to keep our group to only the most active and knowledgeable soles
Voice chatting is a must !

Ps feel free to join our "proving grounds"

Please do encourage your members to sign up, knowledge is key to the education of others relating to those just entering the growing scene 👍


I will be pushing this platform to all our members !
I love whats being done here !
There not very crypto savy , but they can grow some great cannabis !


Right on! We as a platform have been around for a while ... pretty certain nearly any crypto related questions could be answered 🤔 maybe not the "who is Satoshi Nakamoto?" 😅

Anyways ... was good to see yea in the #Canna-Curate Discord yesterday 😎 great place for all of us on all our various platforms to organize ourselves!

I'll Keep My Eye's Peeled 👀

Thanks to @RelayLogix Kief Tools now in Discord we can watch for new accounts creation 👌



Nice to meet you all and look forward to more content, and to get to know you all better😄

Absolutely amazing! Look at that!