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White Devil-F1

A Members Grow ! Enjoy20200804_181103.jpg20200804_181109.jpg20200804_181116.jpg20200804_181125.jpg20200804_181133.jpg

Smoke Report on White Devil F1

Smoke is smoother than anything ive grown personally, including my shit which has a bite to it. Smooth in, smooth out. Exhale tastes as if i just bit into a fresh apple. I wasn't really expecting that. The pheno I have is very cerebral for sure, I feel very stoned and stupid much like i did with the forgotten cookies i had earlier in the year. Smoked half the joint. I dont have anything bad to say about the strain. Sometimes i think we might get caught up sometimes on how a plant Looks when we grow it, but important to know not everything is a beauty pageant or a weight competition. That being said, I think that there are solid building blocks here. I did not give the plants the environment they needed to thrive and pack on size and weight, regardless the genetics still gave me some solid smoke. Will be growing again in the near future.

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Damn TOE really has a beautiful setup. Going to have to pick his brain . No till living soil is really the way to go IMO.


Yea , This is probably the best way to grow for people in countries without access to nutrients easily ! His results are great !

Super awesome pictures 😍 In the future we could do at the end of the year a contest of best pictures on and with a big prize on smoke coin 💚

Really broad and beautiful. It must have taken a lot of time and stress nice job