Some Killer Nugs to get me Through

7 months ago


What up smoke! I just got back from another mini vacation. It was great but I'm exhausted. Was camping, hiking, kayaking and other fun outdoors stuff.


When I got back I hit up my buddy who always takes care of me but he was out... Luckily for me I had some kill stashed away.


Unfortunately I have no idea the strain/s anymore since I put them away so long ago. I can tell you a few things though.


The smell was fantastic. Very pungent with lots of kush smells. The taste was ridiculously delicious. I rolled a b and packed a bong with this. Needless to say I got so toasted I feel asleep in my chair! It's good to be back.

#smoke #cannabis #cryptosmokers

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Damn brother look at all those trichomes! I gotta got you up one of these nights to try some!


I was surfing at and found interesting stuff, strongly recommend to catch this chance

That does look like some fire

puff on... your nugs look great with those thrichs...! Good to have you back after your mini vacay!

Right on dude

Are we about to introduce the ELF ON A SHELF to this year??

You already know, it’s grow-pro 🤣 Glad to see u here man, let’s 🔥 this MFr up


I have gone all my kids life without doing it. So I am voting no on elf on the shelf unless we do Doll in the Hall for October. LOL


Lol that sounds creepy but also fun! I ran an elf on the shelf contest on steemit the last two years. @daddydayxare2x helped sponsor it both times.


LMAO gotta have fun with that it. 😅😅😅😅


I’m down. Wait, lemme google it. 🤣


Haha we should definitely get that going. It will lots of fun.

Oh damn that's beautiful