Today I got my hands in something out of the ordinary. I had heard of the old mk ultra program back in the day with brain washing and lsd. However I had no idea it was a strain!


The first thing I noticed about this one when I opened the bag was it is very pungent. Very earthy with a little floral going on. The taste is very similar to the smell on this one and I really liked it.


Now this bad boy is a very strong Indica. I can see why they compare it to brainwashing because I was definitely highly suggest able after a fat bong of this one. The parents are both rockstars that I’m sure most have heard of, OG Kush and G13.


If you ever come across this one don’t be afraid to be brainwashed because it is some fantastic bud.

#smoke #bong #cryptosmokers

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MK ultra, also known as Project Blue Bird was basically the CIA experimenting with mind altering substances and ways to not just brainwash but literally program a person. Create a personality and person they wanted to. Today we call it television and mainstream media.


G13 came from them too, eh? Lol

Heck yeah looking awesome, cheers

Looks seriously dank mate, more red/orange hairs than green, Heck yeah!