I Bought some SMOKE!

6 months ago


First and foremost this was my last nug from the old bag. I tried to get a better pic for you guys. I even tried the magnifying glass trick that was suggested.


Two days ago I bought 536.087 SMOKE! Immediately following I powered it up! The really cool thing is I found it for sale on the smoke.io discord and was able to pay for it in steem.



After I briefly thought about it I sent over the Steem. Before I could even tell him to check his wallet he had the SMOKE transfered to mine.


I happily traded a little bit of steem for a bunch of SMOKE. I'm having a lot of fun here and plan to continue. Now to finish smoking that last nug.


#smoke #steem #nug #smoking #cannabis

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Nice bro! You've made a great start here, glad your into it

Enjoy that nug! 🦇


I really am!

Yeah ... I bought my very 1st Smoke the same way..... Selling Steem for Smoke. It is so easy.


Plus no fees and instant is quite nice.


Yeah ..... I am going to start converting all my Liquid Steem to Smoke this way.

Nug looks pretty killer man, enjoy the smoke power as well 😁


Thanks! It's fun to have my vote finnaly worth a little something.

Feels good to power up btw that nug makes great. Enjoy!!


It really does though and thank you!

Man, I wish I started on steem sooner so I had some steem earnings rolling in to buy smoke with.

Happy happy joy joy!

Ren Stimpy Joy.gif