4 Way Salad Blunt

10 months ago


Hey all you smokers out there! I'm back again to try to finish off some more bags I had lying around. All of the below are premium strains and it pains me to finish them off hence why I use only small nugs.


This first one is very tasty. We call it Super Glue. It's a indica dominant hybrid that will have you stuck if you're not careful.


Next up is a classic for me. A little Bruce Banner! I've always been a fan of this one. This one is a sativa dominant hybrid. I don't always mix indica and sativa but for this one I figured why not.


Next up is a strain I recently discovered and fell in love with. Bubba Diagonal is a strong indica. IT has that nice kush smell too it and you can really taste the pine.


Last up probably my personal favorite this year! I've talked about, you've seen it before, it's Mob Boss!


It sure looks pretty all ground up into a nice salad.


Since I used all small nugs I just rolled up a mini blunt. I'm loving these lately! The flavor was great! At different times throughout the Sesh you could really pick it different flavors. One of the main to stick out was the Mob boss, probably because it has such a pungent flavor.

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Another fine blunt, this one mixed - i've been slacking on the blunts lately, down to 1 per every 2 weeks or so. Your blunt's got me thinking about it now though :D

Now that's what I call a mixed salad.


Certainly one way to get your vitamin c 👻

WOW BEAUTIFULLY ROLLED! And Wow great Photos!!!!

Nothing like a healthy cannabis salad every now and again 😆