3 Way Fire Blunt

8 months ago


What up smokers! I meant to post this last week but I have had one of the busiest weeks in forever. I figured you wild ask enjoy this though. I happened to have just a little of these 3.


This first one is some lemon something or other and was simply delicious.


Next up is some rude Boi og. This is some serious heat. If you ever run oh go out I highly suggest.


Lastly is some of the ever popular kosher kush. This is one I've had many times and it never disappoints.


As you can see I decided to grind up a little salad. It smelled even more delicious then it looks.


I went to twist up the fatty with a tip as usual. Then lit it up.


This thing was ridiculous! I ended up super stoned after this for hours. I don't always use 3 types of fire in a blunt but this time in very glad I did.

#smoke #blunts #cryptosmokers

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Damn, looks like something very important people would smoke. Lounging around their rich mahogany scented apartment surrounded by many leather bound books.

I love mixing up strains like this.

Very very delicious looking indeed. Must have been a blast to toke it up.