NEW STRAIN "Black Truffle"

8 months ago


Camera 📷Leica SL
EditedAdobe Lightroom
Location📍 San Francisco, SF

Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text
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Dam, man that is some fire flower. Is that your home grown?


Probably new Cookies [by Berner] strain.


No sorry I left that out was in a rush, This is grown by The Fire Society


No joke, pure fire strains always from Adrian & the cookies team. Would love some more action shots though ;D


Its coming man, thanks for being Patient with me, I rarely get time to post these days Need to get a assistant to help with everything I have so much content pilled up for days!!!!!!!

That looks amazing! Have you tried juicing it? Bet its a deeper purple than ribena 😉


Not yet but it is in the works, this is a upcoming brand that ive been working with side by side I will be sharing everything with you putting it all together allot of great content you are going to LOVE for

What are this strains genetics?


I will be sharing all the info soon im gathering all the info