Greetings, Smoke network

last year

Hello Smokers!

We are a group of blockchain enthusiasts, been into the cryptocurrency space for about two years and it has been one heck of a ride so far. If there's anything we enjoy more than observing the growth of this industry, it would cannabis no doubt :) Finding something like Smoke was very exciting as it's the best of both worlds. I found out about the platform through @chiraagnd, who wouldn't stop talking about how awesome the platform and the community is. Well, who wouldn't love a place full of happy stoners right? ;)


Here's something which we picked up recently. Looks Sativa but feels like some sort of hybrid. One hit in a bong and it get's you blazed. Typical (South) Indian weed. Tastes really sweet. You hardly feel the smoke go in but once you let go, it get's a bit harsh.


Very excited to be part of this platform and can't wait to learn more about cannabis.
Have a good one ya'll. Peace!


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Welcome to Smoke network. From what it sounds like, all else we could say right now, after @chiraagnd’s apparently incessantly pitching Smoke to you, is... “What took you so long?!?!”

Again... welcome and hopefully you will have a great time here! 🦇


Well we had some epic stoner moments with the confirmation email. Found out after a month that we already had our account activated long back!


Sounds like you’re gonna fit right in. 🦇

Welcome to smoke, it is one the best communities to be part of,


Thanks! I won't doubt that :)

Welcome to Smoke. You are going to Love it here....


Thanks bud!

Good to have onboard @abnexus, i believe you will enjoy it here. welcome to the world of happy stoners 😘


Thank you! Yeah, I'm sure of it :)

Welcome to the smoke network mate :)


Thank you :) Loving it here!

Hello @abnexus, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
If you're new to cryptocurrencies in general or aren't sure exactly how and Smoke Network works be sure to head over to our docs to get clued up.
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- To help you get the most out of Smoke Network please be sure to also read the Content Guidelines set out in our Docs. Following these will earn you the most Smoke possible from the community and potentially earn you a spot in the Ambassador Programme.
We look forward to seeing the amazing cannabis content you produce!
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This is the very right time to join this network. We are in a phase of "About to take off" and you'll be part of it just like everyone else here.


Yes, the platform is fairly new!