The Making of The First Weed Activist And A New Weed President In Nigeria

2 years ago

One of my many hope is to see weed legalized in my country. i used to see Canada as the most happiest people in the world just because of weed. i look at Lesotho and i see nothing but big hope to their economy as they now have a government that support growing of weed.

My country have been filled with old religious and corrupt government that have been draining our economy and giving us nothing in return. Kenya adopted cryptocurrency and so did South Africa but our presidents are too old to understand what block-chain is or how benefiting weed legalization would be to our society and economy. Weed legalization would have provided Job opportunity for million of Nigerians and we would also be exporting at large scale. Our Nigeria haze strain cannot be found in Nigeria itself. Other countries buy and smoke our very own strain but we the citizens cannot get a good organic weed to buy. The case here is very pathetic. Nigeria have the biggest cannabis green house in the world but smoking weed is still criminalized, funny right? Ye.

Well, there is hope for us stoners. One of the presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore would be legalizing weed if voted to power. At his most recent press conference, Omoyele Sowore one of the Nigerian 2019 presidential aspirants, urges Nigerians to start taking the production and exportation of weed (Marijuana) seriously. According to him, it would help Nigeria contribute to the GDP of the world since some of the finest weed in the world is grown in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

As if that was not enough another presidential candidate promise to adopt the blockchain technology if voted into power:

Am filled with hope that 2019 will be glorious for us again. Our country have suffered violence, terrorism, poverty, civil war, child abuse, high death rate, bad internet, bad electricity, 11.4% inflation but with all this we are moving forward. Weed have been helping many of us stay strong and high up. At least we can now use Cannabis for our pain instead of the opoid poison, we can use CBD oil for insomnia and many other benefits that we all know.

We will keep pruning out bad government and replacing them with progressive and dogged government. When the government failed all of us the citizens cryptocurrency came and gave us hope; opportunity to participate in a more global economy . Weed is coming soon to whisper to us another message of hope: *" we are the rose that grew from the concrete" . *

Have always love to use a Vaporizers because i got to know it is safer health wise but i could not get it in any smoke store in Lagos, Nigeria. All hope was lost that there is nothing for cannabis users. Yesterday Night reassured me that there is hope in my country when i decided to check up some product on one of the biggest e-commerce site and low and behold i saw every one of the product available for instant delivery. I was so happy, i only felt bad because the bear market have affected my finance but as soon as things get stable i will buy some and post about them. This funny aspect is that many of the product have not been sold. It is funny how a medical herb that can save life in Africa is kept hidden from the world. All they want is for us to be dependent on their drugs(opoid) and poison.

This are some of my findings:

G Elite Vaporizer:

Mason Jar:


Herb collection:,0,false):quality(100)/product/89/89575/1.jpg?4247

Organic raw hemp paper:,0,false):quality(100)/product/47/490271/1.jpg?0739

Air cleaner:

Green House LED LIGHT:

and many other growing tools! You all need to see how happy i am now. So i can smoke with a vap in Nigeria and also do some hidden growing for practical?????? Jesus!!!! am so excited!

There is no better time for me to start up a theweedtube account and spread the love of cannabis.

I will be going into full time cannabis decriminalization activism. I would like to take up few course while i create videos for promotion of cannabis and

this are the list of schools i would like to attend and their fee:

  1. Green Cultured – Master Grower and Dispensary Technician. Link:
    Fee: $247.00

  2. Trichome Institute – CTIC 3 Months Access -
    Cannabis Tolerance & Impairment Complexities with Max- Fee:$59.95
    CPST 3 Months of Access
    Fee: - $199

  3. Oaksterdam – Cannabis Education for Stoners
    Fee: $1,545.00

  4. THC University- Bud tender Basic certificate

5.Cannabis Training University –
Fee: $249 (This is the best out of my list.)

If you know any other good course or university for cannabis that any smokers have attended please feel free to recommend and if you have any bad review about any of the above courses and university listed above kindly let me know.

NB: if you know other university offering scholarship that you can recommend i will be glad. Would like to have a BSC or something higher.

If you would like to show support in making me the FIRST NIGERIA CERTIFIED WEED ACTIVIST AND STONER this are my address:

Dash: Xe3RShS7voSuakRijChJSQJXaVtx1CLBpA

BTC: 1MDV1J7WywAFAzGosn3R6XB5BtwtgVcCaX

If you willing to donate and your coin address is not above let me know via comment or discord.

If you showed any support kindly let me know so i can update you on my progress with the course and you will receive instant email alert of my videos and other cannabis related projects that i do.

You can also contact me via the smoke discord channel
same with cryptosmokers discord group:
Username: @Juwon123(Nigeria Software Dev)

follow me on twitter: and i promise to follow back and keep you updated.

Peace #SmokeOn

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Good luck on the elections!
Reason before faith! I hope your people see that it is currently easiest way for any country to prosper. Legalization and export.


Religion i our biggest problem in Nigeria. Religion is just an Hopium. Am an agnostic and part of the Atheist Alliance in Nigeria.


That it's great thing to hear. I can only imagine the amount of stereotypes people get there for being anodic or atheist.

It's harder to hold people back when they have the true information.


true! that is why we need to keep pushing out good information!