Fear Not If You Experiencing Side Effects OF Using Tramadol. Read This Now!!!

2 years ago

In year 2016 i was introduced to a drug called Tramadol by my Ex girlfriend and i took about 300 grams which made me throw up real bad but i kept on taking more because i was enjoying the cruise and it also made me stronger sexually (lol) need to be real here. i should have wrote "i had an accident and then i was given Ultram" but NO, i prefer the truth.

Tramadol uplifts my mood, because of its antidepressant properties and i got used to it, i took this for three years (Recreationally) and every three days i will need to add more grams to feel better until i had to stop because it was affecting my finance badly and my relationship with my family and friends (i became aggressive and when am not on drugs i feel weak and lazy) and that was when i knew what the drugs was doing to my health. It was literally killing me. With tolerance and increased dosage, i was taking ultram consistently which increases withdrawal symptoms when i stopped.

I had some sleepless nights tossing and turning, couldn't have good sleep for days when i tried to stop. Side effects like Nausea, Diarrhea, sweats,high anxiety, Irregular heartbeat; I thought I was dying. I am presently celebrating one month without 800 gram of ultram and so far insomnia, muscles cramp, yawning, weakness of the body, headaches, jerking, lost of appetite and many others where my withdrawal symptoms. i know in me i am better off without tramadol but i still couldn't stop taking it due to the fear of WS until i joined the Dash.org community on discord and i saw a proposals from the cannabis industry being sponsored by dash https://www.dashcentral.org/p/alt36-product36-pt1 i was like "what the fuck!" Why is Dash supporting weed? Am a Nigerian with a lot of Incorporated believes about weed which are totally wrong which i will be sharing in another post.

i decided to read about alt36 and cannabis then i stumbled on some articles about weed and then i decided to give cannabis a chance to help out in a country where there is less education about DWS and also a big stigmatization on drug abusers which lead me to shy away from telling friends and doctors of my Tramadol abuse issues.

i bought some weed from the street sellers which are all synthetic weed. Nigeria growers are not educated enough and cannot grow good strain of weeds without adding dry gins and cough syrups which increases heart beat and hallucination. But since it isn't legal i had to buy them up like that. But i mostly cook them or just prepare CBD oil locally since there are no stores to buy CBD oil also.

In my country stoners cannot just order for a particular strain of weed for pain because the sellers don't know jack about strains and will only bring different collection of weed which is annoying. You cannot order for your favorite strains so both the buyer and sellers always look for ways to get more high from the weed by adding very dangerous substance.

back to the main post, i was taking about 800 grams of Tramadol daily and when i started taking weed i reduced it instantly to about 50 grams daily and use weed for the rest of the day which have been helping me for the past 29 days now most of the withdrawal symptoms are not as aggressive and i can endure it. Whenever i have those insomnia i just smoke a blunt or two and i also do the same for the loss of appetite as the weed here makes me eat enough. if i can continue at this pace with no issue i will reduce my Tramadol intake to 20 gram by next month and post about how am feeling. But, for now, am feeling great with less WS.

If you want to know how i started to withdraw i took more drags of weed daily and reduced the Tramadol intake drastically and it work fine and well for me.

Am happy i got to know a better and natural way to replace a deadly pain killer with cannabis which have less addiction and WS.

This was me before when i was struggling with Tramadol:

This is me now on cannabis:

You can read my previous post here: https://smoke.io/@nigeriastoner

Also watch my interview at the Nigeria first cryptocurrency TV station:

Peace and Smoke on!

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Peace bro!
Early I use this shit(as many others) too
But from own experience I can say that there is nothing cleaner and better than a natural thrill)
Сannabis helped me get rid of a lot of shit...
Good luck:)

it is really good media your posting skill is super, good wish, today is my first day here.

I still do not understand what do you mean when you say synthetic weed.
How they mix it with cough syrup?
Do you mean by synthetic "spice" or some alteration on the cannabis plant like spraying?


Yes how they mix it with gin and cough syrups.


but how?


Well, I cannot explain how cus am not a dealer. But I know folks here pour dry gin on weed then dry it up sometimes it is cough syrup. The mind of the dealer is that his weed must make his customers high.

This guys are not educated at all. This are street guys

I'm glad to hear that you are off that tramadol shit. You are better of with weed. Even if it is laced with some cough syrum. Good luck man. Don't give up.