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OTHER THAN it has fairly fertile soil conditions and is located on the equator, Aceh also has another privilege factor as a place for cannabis (Cannabis Sativa). One of the features is the good morning sunlight.

According to the Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Aceh, Saidan Nafi, sunlight that illuminates the slopes of Aceh's hills when morning to noon is able to encourage the growth of cannabis properly.

"The absorption of sunlight affects the growth and quality of cannabis. Aceh has it, has good sunlight from morning to afternoon. Therefore Aceh's cannabis is fertile and has the best taste in the world, "said Saidan Nafi, Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

The growth rate of cannabis in Aceh, he said, has so far been extraordinary. It can even be said to be first place as an area of ​​active growth. Achievement of cannabis growth in Aceh exceeds North Sumatra which also has hundreds of hectares of cannabis fields.

"Aceh is number one in producing marijuana, second is North Sumatra in the Mandailing Natal region and others. We can see the proof through the discovery of cannabis fields in Aceh. Almost every year, tens of hectares of cannabis fields found in Aceh are always in different places, "said Saidan Nafi.

But why have no landowners been caught?

"Some are there, but most are not. Generally the owners of cannabis fields in Aceh are those in the drug network. So that no one directly took to the field. They (the drug network) mostly hire people or couriers to take care of the marijuana fields, "said Saidan Nafi. (Bna) #Marijuana #Garden #Life #ATJEH #Cigarettes



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Legalize it and let those hillsides grow the dankest green!

Burning it down is such a waste. They should have brought it to the laboratory for testing It could have saved tens and thousands of patients looking for the right treatment of their not so good health condition.