Witness Vote -- Moving up -- Dream BIG!

8 months ago

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Today was a really good day and it's great when hard works reaps rewards, sometimes these moments are few and far between and makes them even more sweet! Thanks to @indica for the witness vote and the community for the continued support and friendships.

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# Vote for @Vladivostok for Smoke Witness



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Congratulations! Just voted you for witness. How do you have a dark mode in smoke.io?


Thank you brother ... dark mode plug in. Have it on chrome and opera ... check it out ... so much better for my eyes

It is a big move.
Voted as witness.


yes sir! Thank you my @lordoftruth :)
I appreciate your congrats and support!
Exciting times we are living in!


Your post was upsmoked just now
Sorry for delay
Keep the good work.


appreciate you man! my whole mind feels delayed tonight, after a few late late nights on discord takes it's toll. calling a night at 2am tonight...nice and early :)

Love it man, we are moving up together and it's amazing!


Totally, amazing how we connected last night and new people met and had a mind blowing talk ...than we get some love. So Rad!! Way to go!



thank you so much @daio , really a great time on smoke and I am proud to be your witness, consider me your servant.


Wonder where you went