New Zealand Joins Leading Nations and Legalizes Medical Marijuana

2 years ago

Slightly surprised I was as I noticed yesterday in the Guardian - yes, I’m one of those readers - that New Zealand had joined the fold of the countries having legalized medical marijuana.

One doesn’t often think about things when nations have a more progressive attitude to life and lo and behold, the Kiwis already were rather tolerant in dealing with personal recreational use. Anyone who has ever backpacked probably thinks that every Kiwi shags sheep smokes spliffs all day long anyway.Thus I was surprised to read that New Zealand was only in the earliest stages of dealing with marijuana the modern way.


While, of course, we all want more freedom and the opportunity to grow our own without needing to worry - and thus also purchase cheaper and better quality products, it are simple evolutions like this which will eventually lead to a more holistic approach to cannabis and other CBD products.

Best of all, Jacinda Ardern’s government will hold a referendum about recreational use within the next two years.

The legalization of medical use will most likely consolidate the chances of a positive outcome to the referendum as more and more people will be able to form a self-experienced opinion about Cannabis.

Reading the article in the Guardian, it made me wonder how my grandmother who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and subsequently went through surgery a week later, would be able to improve the quality of life in her last few months. She’s been truly positive through everything and has the “I’m 82, I’ve been going until now and some weeks ago I spend 6 weeks on the coast” attitude to everything but I couldn’t escape the thought of seeing her roll a spliff and share it. To hit a bong later and share it especially with my dad, who retired as one of the leading cops in the country.

Most positive about things is she has developed a brutal dark humor since. Which I was acknowledged of when she recently told my dad - she’s been staying with my parents since surgery - to tell me that she wants to invest in crypto.

I wasn’t sure if she was trolling me in this bear market or if it would be her “leaving present” to me after more than two decades of no contact.

News source: The Guardian

Photo credit: Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand by Andres Igna on Unsplash
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That’s great news! I guess it’s time to apply for New Zealand citizenship 😛

Btw I hope and wish your grandma recovers quickly after this surgery she had!

Most positive about things is she has developed a brutal dark humor since. Which I was acknowledged of when she recently told my dad - she’s been staying with my parents since surgery - to tell me that she wants to invest in crypto.

Now I understand from where you are getting this great sense of humor and intelligence 😛

Wishing her a quick recovery 😃🌿


Thanks, will forward the wishes. It’s terminal and a matter of “nobody knows when the decline will kick in”.

She isn’t too bothered though, the decision for surgery was to extend life with less pain and to be able to go through a more relaxed euthanasia application.

All that isn’t sure at this point is whether she returns home. ‘Rents just retired and live rather comfortably but at the same time have gotten used to a life with twice a year 6-8 weeks camping trips. So not sure how things will fit together there. And, yes, cranky suffering lady can add to stress, dad isn’t always too satisfied.

That humor... I was like “Errr... please just send a loafer a bread for Christmas, at least that’s guaranteed to feed me. That 1BTC... not so much.”

Well I'm happy to hear one more country has made progress with cannabis. One small step for mankind, a big step for hempkind. Also, appreciating the hobbit home 😂


As I was searching Unsplash I somehow felt it was a fitting image.

Not sure if all that green or subconsciously because my grandmother is only 4'8”, but it felt a good choice.

Grandma sounds like a tough old bird with a great sense of humor, she's had a good innings and hopefully quite a few more over's to come. That's awesome news coming out of NZ, we just need it to jump the ditch now, thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


She’s a pretty tough cookie who’s had more than her fair share, yet never stopped caring.

I’m pretty sure since long she has made sure my aunt will not be burdened by inheritance tax.

And now, knowing her countdown has started and the application for euthanasia when the time comes has been filed... yeah, I think this is going to be her Big Bash and she will live it up as well as she can now. Bless her, she deserves every second of it. And then some.