Anonymous Collective Comes to the Cannabis Scene and Recommends to Invest in Zig-Zag

10 months ago

A smaller subsidiary of the Anonymous collective, Anonymous Analytics, has made its entry in the cannabis niche and made their entry with a rather surprising splash.

The hacktivists collective, made an entry to cannabis by delivering a new type of report, a report which sets a standard to benchmark their future investigations against. An investment recommendation even. Not your usual Anon report full of bombshells.


Dark Net and crypto lovers, may know the focus of the collective, and also know that in Anonymous we find some of the most prolific censor fighting and pro-transparency advocates in the world. As such, they and we, the Smoke blockchain, may be an obvious match made in heaven — albeit not yet matched together.

” Anonymous is a movement by which individuals across the globe can promote access to information, free speech, and transparency. The movement has made international headlines by exposing The Church of Scientology, supporting anti-corruption movements in Zimbabwe and India, and providing secure platforms for Iranian citizens to criticize their government.”

”Anonymous Analytics, a faction of Anonymous, has moved the issue of transparency from the political level to the corporate level. To this end, we use our talents to expose fraud and corruption among public companies.” [emphasis mine]

Investing in Rolling Papers

Anonymous Analytics’ first Cannabis focused Investigation, and report, focuses on why people should invest in Turning Point Brands, the corporation behind Zig Zag papers. The report is a complete analysis of the brands and experiences the corporation has gathered over the years and why they are a sound investment opportunity.

“The market is unaware that TPB is positioned to become one of the biggest CBD companies, with a network of 1.5M online customers and 155k stores. By contrast, the largest CBD-pure play is Charlotte’s Web, which has its products in only 6k stores, but is valued at US$1.8B.”
Anonymous Analytics

The strategy of first releasing a report which is meant to “serve as a benchmark for future investigations” is one which is interesting, especially in these times of the great Canadian cannabis stocks bubble bull, and of course also because we will see big moves by Big Pharma and Big Tobacco in the niche.

Whoever thinks that cannabis will be safe from unscrupulous investors, and mergers, couldn’t be more naive. After all, all of us know that the scheduling was political and we also know that Big Tobacco was already interested in Cannabis as early as early ‘70s last Millenium, with support of the Feds even.

While the first AnonAnalytics marijuana report may not exactly be the type of reports the groups’ followers may have expected, there is no doubt that more is in the pipeline and the group will soon release bigger bombshells. One of the team’s members also confirmed such to Leafly:

”We started with TPB to set a benchmark: Here is what a professional company with a realistic strategy looks like, and here is what a justifiable valuation looks like. Next time we release a critical report on a cannabis company that spends more time pumping up their stock price than actually building a sustainable business, we have something to compare and contrast.”
— Anonymous Analytics Group to Leafly

I don’t know about you but I find this an interesting evolution in the niche and am looking forward to read multiple upcoming Big Marijuana bombshells. The group has stated that they are close to release more damning reports.

There will be some new swamps sweating things out as we await further releases by the group. I’m also very eager to discover if there are some bombshells about the actual reasons why worldwide marijuana Goliath Canopy sacked its founding co-CEO, the man who has driven their stock to astronomical levels.

To tulip levels almost.

Sadly enough, Scribd embeds do not work on but those curious to know why smoking papers present a great investment opportunity should head over to the Anon Analytics site or read the report directly on Scribd.

Anybody interested in getting the latest AnonAnalytics scoop — and you should be — can also follow the group on Twitter: @AnonAnalytics.

The cannabis business scene, and coverage, is about to become a lot more interesting now. And, also, much more transparent. There is no doubt that AnonAnalytics should publish its cannabis related reports on our censor-resilient decentralized smoke blockchain as well. 🤘

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Yeah I don't think I'm going to trust an anon group with investment advice 😂




LOLOL. I find it an interesting strategy. The report is rather sound too, actually. But I’m just in it for the future bombshells.


It is not about trust or not, it is about to be well informed / let us follow their strategy, as do not look bad and anyway as investors we do what we think is the best for us.


for real it's sounds like a pump n dump on Turning Point Brands share. Another thing the only zig zag papers that are okay are the thins ones. they sell in every gas stations but you'd never find one in someones car :D


Yeah they probably bought a bunch of stock before pushing this investment advice, if anything I wouldn't touch investment advice learned from potential industrial espionage


Let’s see what they deliver next before putting them on a similar level with a crypto Tgram group.

If anything, they put in more work than most pump & dump advice you see anywhere. I think we shouldn’t judge them yet. There’s interesting things happening in the scene like Canopy’s founder/CEO getting sacked because of poor revenue. Where were those backers during canopy’s M&A rush, we all knew the returns could never live up to the hype.

Thanks for sharing this exciting news / I followed the group AnonAnalytics on Twitter, as I am sure they will publish interesting articles.

Great report as usual and well-written. Cheers mate:)


Thanks. I found it exciting news, not as much the report itself but that Anon is joining the niche. Right down my alley.

Bonus: I hover somewhere between this space and crypto transparency. Can this semi-legal stigmatized platform help find/create that middle path?

Great times are coming! Thank you for sharing this news.

Oh wow. Now this is a surprise. Didn't think they would put up a report like this.


I’ve read some of their previously published reports and AnonAnalytics is an interesting sub-group. I’m sure they decided to release this type first to show that they’re not just going on a sensational hatchet job trip but know what they talk about when tackling “spends more time pumping up their stock price than building a sustainable business”.

Of course, being able to write a solid assessment of a more traditional style business model doesn’t mean that a company on a major merger&acquisition spree can not also become sustainable. Silicon Valley has shown that ever since the DotcomCrash.

I think this will be an interesting few months.


I always say these next few years will be huge for the canna community. I predict 2020-2022. Will be pretty important.