Shame Shame lies and propaganda

last year

So I am scrolling Facebook when I see a post from the Indiana State Police

Making false claims about edibles. I took some screen shots because you can't make up the lies and propaganda the government and police come up with to try to keep a plant that works for so many things illegal. Here are the screenshots I took so you guys can see for yourselves the absurdity of it.



Apparently they are proud they took a few concentrates off the street

But the claims that THC causes death takes me back to the movie Reefer Madness. Do they really think anyone believes these lies? Here are individual shots of what they found.





The comments on the post are very funny as people are trolling the state police as expected

Me I decided instead of trolling to make fun of them here and allow you guys the opportunity to make fun of them too.

Till next time stoners

Ignore propaganda and fire up a joint or eat an edible or hit that cart and laugh in the face of death cause according to the Indiana State Police it's a 50/50 shot you might die.




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Man if 85 to 90% thc was deadly I would have died quite a few times, I really think it is funny how even cops believe this shit these days. Not heard one overdose on thc yet to date.

Someone I work with was trying to blame cannabis on his daughter's friend having a seizure and i kept putting him in his place.


that is the sad thing they are not even edibles, those are carts.


Yeah it is sad to see cops spreading miss information these days still.

One word: MORONS

Their raid looks like it was on a children's candy store. I'm used to seeing photos of busts with cannabis packaging but this one looks like they raided a hipster bar.


Yeah, I do think the package has no reason to look like that, thye are selling to adults not kids we don't need flashing packages like that


I agree... Manufacturers should give less and less reasons for authorities to react. This is way more harmful than it looks as majority of people WILL NOT read the comments and presume that this is another junkie stuff that kills babies and entire cannabis movement in Indiana is one step back now...
Same thing happens with names like Green Crack, Crystal Meth, AK-47... We are trying to show to the world a different picture of stoners yet many have stuck in mud


Yeah it is a joke, It is like this here in canada on some labels and it is why the legal weed has a started look to it minus the color but none these cartons and sex. That just hurts the industry.

You would never see this shit on beer


I don't kind the fun packaging so much as it's sold in legal dispenseris where in all honesty minors shouldn't even be allowed to enter.


Made me hungry

🤣🤣 I have seen these carts before lol I'm not far from Indiana though.... Thet copers must not be too bright over there it says cart right on the box 🤣

fun packaging lol

What else can you say here. Madness but the powers that be are intent on keeping weed illegal.

On the plus side the dog looks happy out!