High Guys! SuperClutch Witness is here.

2 years ago

About Me

I am an expert in Event-Driven Systems at scale. I have experience in e-Commerce, Blockchain and Defense.I'm Currently a Dean at School of AI. Previously early employee and VP Engineering at Jet.com. In past I worked for the Aerospace Industries as a Chief Architect and I led Architecture and Best Practices at Microsoft Technology Center.


Feel free to say hello!

About the Witness (...and the micro data-center )


The Witness is part of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) i'm establishing with superclutch.io - The Source for Open Hardware. This is the 2nd Blockchain Witness that SuperClutch is running but the first one I am publicly speaking of.

I've got your back with bare metal of 240 Cores (480 Threads), 3TB RAM, 12TB NVMe Storage and 2Gbps symmetric wan. This Micro Data Center will support the growing community of smoke.io as well as other Blockchain Networks. I'm currently running 4 smoke.io seeds and 2 witnesses for High-Availability. More of the technical stuff below...


URL: https://smoked.superclutch.io (work in progress)
RPC Port: 8090 (via https://smoked.superclutch.io/ws)
P2P Port: 22001 (work in progress)
Bandwidth: 2Gbps/2Gbps


Denver, Colorado, USA



CPU: 4x Xeon 2.26ghz 10 Cores (80 threads) 
RAM: 512GB  

Production (My micro-data-center)

Cluster A (3 nodes), per node:
CPU: 4x Xeon 2.26ghz 10 Core (80 threads)  
RAM: 512GB   

Cluster B (3 nodes), per node: 
CPU: 4x Xeon 2.26ghz 10 Core   
RAM: 512GB    

Both clusters are running on Debian with kubernetes and Ceph. The entire setup will be open-sourced.


What Keeps me up at night

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

Thank you for your vote!

#witness #smoke #blockchain #superclutch

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Welcome, Do you got discord at all?

Welcome in.


Thank you!

What other blockchain are you running a witness for? Are you an active witness there? Do you blaze?


bitshares is the other one...planning to run steemit, eos and btc lightning network as well...not what what blaze is :)


I had to google the definition of Blaze...Guess i'm that old haha...to your question, Yes I do :)

Thanks for coming on board. Please get with @skylinebuds to learn about the witness charter.

You're welcome SUPER, so glad to have you on board.


Thank you!

That's quite the resume and setup - welcome to smoke.io :)


Thank you!

Awesome, it's Super to have you here. Welcome aboard mate, bong on bro. :-)


Thank you!

Good luck!


Thank you! Much appreciated