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2 years ago

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Graphic by @podanrj

This Quarterly Update provides our latest updates from Smoke Holding Ltd over the past quarter as well as provide insight into our plans for this running quarter.


Our Native App has now been released in the Google Play Store!

Smoke App

Please rate the app once you have installed and checked out the features!

The iOS version is complete and will be available for testing through TestFlight within the next few weeks.

Our native mobile apps will allow us to reach a whole new audience outside of the cryptocurrency space and provide a real-world use case for the cannabis community.

Roadmap Updates

Our roadmap has been updated to reflect the current state of the project.

We decided to move the Native development and applications forward while moving the strains and dispensary apps back.

The decision to change the items around is due to various factors, including but not limited to the number of mobile users compared to desktop users we are gaining.

This change will also allow us to test the mobile market with advertising before creating additional complexity.

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Upcoming Quarter

This quarter we will focus on Research & Development, Bug Fixing and driving users to both the WebApp as well as the Native Mobile Apps.

Our image server will be moved to use cloud storage in the coming weeks which should see image uploads working smoother.

We will also be working on our documentation and other small updates that have crept into scope over the past quarter.

Thank you to everyone that has become an active part of the Smoke Community or just joining us... As always feel free to add your suggestions on how we can improve your experience!

We hope everyone starts to think about 2019 and how they would like to shape, grow and enjoy the community we build.

Let's start to tell the world our story!

Until the next update... Happy Smoking!

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Awesome! Loving the app and website definitely is being shown some love! Can't wait to see what amazing things hold this year for SmokeNetwork!

Great move, thanks for the hard work, the app, and the roadmap updates.
Happy new year, 2019 will be the smoke year.

Awesome updates! You keep hitting milestones after milestones and this brings a lot of assurance and trust on the future of this project which is quite important to bring in new investors.
As for advice/suggestions, i would suggest an option to hide the resmokes in the accounts, because sometimes you want to check posts of an user but he has so many remoskes that it takes a lot more time to find the posts he wrote.
Also i would like the vote slider to appear at 10 000 smoke in my opinion and not at 50 000, so its possible to vote in more posts.

This is indeed a great improvement, i will check on the app soonest and rate it....BTW. the UI of smoke is looking amazing, been a while now it looks I'm in another unique world all entirely ☺

Wonderful work so far by the team! Loving it. And thank you for keeping us updated on the progress. I have tried the android app version, and it looks pretty good. I have already seen you have changed the profile logo to fit in nicely after the feedback. There is definitely scope for improvement and you guys are already working on it, that's wonderful. Waiting for the iOS version. And I would be happy to be a beta tester when needed. Cheers!

Thanks for the update! You guys are doing an awesome job committing to the road map. Can't point to any other project (I know) who are doing that. Cheers to that and wish you'll the best for the future :)

Great work Stone! Love the APP

Can’t wait for the iOS app.

Thanks for the update!

Definitely enjoying this app. The smoke community is going to soar.

That app would be a great step for the platform. Its gives a certain community that only uses mobile to be part of this community. But i am more excited about the next quarter milestones. The Conferences and the response of the masses to it. It would be real exciting to see how people react and participate.

I love that y'all give regular updates and I'll definately check out the app. Two thumbs up ya'll 👍👍

It is pretty nice to get this updates! Feels good to see clearly how and where the developments is going :)

The iOS version is complete and will be available for testing through TestFlight within the next few weeks.

How can we be part of the test?

Changing the roadmap to focus on mobile users makes so much sense! Way to listen to the market! over 50% of users worldwide access the internet using mobile so making this a priority puts a smile on my face!

Smoke 2019 💨!

Really exited about the mobile apps!
Good work.

Amazing news on the app, seeing also a lot of app like functionality on the mobile site now. Great work and look forwards to trying it out ... really tempted to switch to an android phone now!

Yeah, great updates on the smoke network.... I would really love to have all the new features and one of those
is uploading images. We´re getting big milestones for 2019. Thank you @smokenetwork!

I like that Smoke is on pace with the road map, and the vision moving forward seems very realistic, giving plenty of time for proper development. I would personally like to see an improved native post editor, and direct messaging.

Love this community and that app is str8 🔥my peeps.....if you arent using it, you need to be and give it 5 stars😤

Thanks for the updates, and congratz on the progress made so far, getting that mobile app launched is huuuge!

All the best in 2019, onwards and upwards, the sky is the limit smoke Team!

It is much better to attract the audience and make platform more apealing than working on database of strains for example.

Keep up the good work.

My main concern is that too much people post cannabis unrelated content and something needs to be done about it. Not sure exactly what, but it will hurt us in a long time run and competition. Marketing should be done to promote community, commenting and engagement rather than straight posting. Especially now, when most of users come from similar platforms.

One thing might be obligation to post in introduceyourself, where community would advise. I personally go from time to time through this tag with upsmoke and comment to point in right direction.

Ban after 50 flags? Maybe censorship is not the answer. Don't know, just tossing some ideas.
Anyways, one more time. Big thanks for making my life more interesting these past few years.

Link for the app is not working on this post. You might add link to app in right side menu.

This is perfect... Just the boost we need right now.

Want to get SMOKE listed on swapsteem? contact us now.

Wow nice


Mournful salute and reverence,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings to all and happy new year!

I will definitely give this a try! I shall let you know my impressions as soon as I do... I will also take the occasion and extend these best wishes to all of the community: Light, Life, Love and LIberty in abundance for all! We are now together shaping the counter-culture of tomorrow, right now. It is therefore imperative that it reflects the diversity of the community, not only of a few facets of it. It is a complex prism and it goes well beyond any guideline... One is indeed free to suggest anything, to anyone, however, NONE is free to try and impose SHIT and dare to call it guidelines. I have a lot of faith in the unlimited potential of this network, I also have extensive hours of blockchain based adventures in crypto-verse, where I have met countless enthusiastic, versatile cryptocurrency evangelists like me, who tried this platform, like they do most new ones, and eventually stopped using it, or at best, only now drop by, once in a full moon, to have a quick peek before they leave, after seeing nothing but posts about how "this joint was killer weed" or "this plant yielded a lot of bud", but, as I often mention, as much as I smoke marijuana EVERYDAY, I don't feel like spending all my goddamn time writing about it as well. I'm not saying that spammers and plagiarizers should be embraced equally, far from it. Yet, some wannabe detractors already tried to imply my position does... It does not: the only position I HODL is in crypto :P The only stability of the Universe is change, permanency leads to stagnation, not evolution, and, as anyone with some kind of a green thumb will tell you, stagnation leads to staleness and staleness leads to mosquitoes breeding in the water...

Love is the Law, love under will.

The Reverend Maelstrohm Black

That's really mega. I'm still waiting for the iOS app then it starts. I already have some people here in Germany who are very interesting. Will wait a bit longer dan I'll introduce it to them and show how they can sign up and buy coins. Smoke coins should be more accessible because not everyone knows bitshares. In any case, really good. :-)

Thanks for updates , keep up the good work team , bright smokeeeee future ahead