Smoke Coin Trading On Escodex!

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2 years ago

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Smoke / BTC Trading Now Open!

We are happy to announce Smoke has been listed on Escodex Decentralized Exchange!

EscoDex has a strong team that has shown their support for the Smoke DPoS chain.

EscoDex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to create a service that is simple and easy for the everyday user. EscoDex provide blockchain wallet service where consumers and traders can transact with multiple digital currencies.

Escodex Escrow Platform

Additionally Smoke has been added to the Escrow Platform, with an aim to bring a world-class Escrow Service to our users.

It is a decentralized system built on the Bitshares Blockchain, that allows 2 transacting parties- a Buyer and a Seller, to exchange digital assets via an Escodex Escrow Agent.

All digital assets listed at these 4 exchanges- Escodex, OpenLedger, Bitshares & CryptoBridge are supported to escrow, so you can escrow SMOKE with STEEM, BTC, ETH and many more.

All payments to Escrow Agents will be done by EscrowCoin(ESCO). If one party backs out from initiating funds, the other party gets the refund by Escrow Agent. This ensures that no party is scammed. Counterparty Risk Minimization is fulfilled since funds are escrowed using a common trust.

Visit Escodex here:

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Awesome news @smokenetwork!
I believe getting on more exchanges is very important. 😃

I have to say that I have never heard about these guys before, but I understand that their platform is based on Bitshares in the same way Rudex is. 🤔

I actually cannot get the exchange to load for me at the moment; I am only encountering a blank page. I will try to check it out again later today...


You can also trade this directly through Bitshares, no need to use escodex at all:

Same thing goes for rudex.smoke, it's just a token on the bitshares blockchain. No need to use rudex to trade it.

You probably would need to use their gateway to withdraw to the mainnet though, since you're not actually buying real smoke.

To put it bluntly, Smoke only has one exchange so far; Bitshares. But we have 2 gateways: Rudex and Escodex.


The API nodes didn't work properly the last weeks. Some fixes are on the way.
The best thing is to try a different node. (Remove: "Automatically select node")

This are good news, the more exchanges the better.
Would also love to see it on cryptoptia and blocktrades, but don't know if they have any listing fees, but no worries with time we will get there and then we will have exchanges after us wanting to list SMOKE coin :)

Great news! The potential with escrow services is huge!. We could have something like but using and Eoscodex. This makes it very easy to also do something like a SmokeBnB as well.

One more small step for SMOKE, one big step for BTC.

I'm try to deposit some SMOKE coins


How to understand this?


Click on deposit not on that, follow what it says on the site
On the right side it will show deposit and withdraw


Oh! I'm find)))
Thank you @skylinebuds


i send my smoke to that account as many other users . as we se the account recived smokes , but ballance on exchange still 0 . did i make something wrong?


Great news

This is just a beginning, we still have long a way to go. Thanks to @esco-dex for believing in us and add us up. I am so glad about this.

This is Great News... will check it out and try to buy some Smoke.

This is really great news as we can escrow SMOKE with Bitcoin.

good news. everyone says like that. and I believe everyone) I just haven't figured it out here yet. I need time to understand how smoke works))


This your words make it seems like you're new tho the system and probably you haven't read about the platform. Please check into Smoke docs to learn more and how this work. Enjoy 🎉 🌿


ok, thanks for the tip! ❤

This is great, we are just starting...High is what we are

can anyone explain how to deposit smokes there . i transfer funds , but they didnt arrive 24 h . :( i think i lost them or did something wrong .

This is Great News. Thanks

The post is awesome !! But why is the payout declined


fuck knows

The more the exchanges the more repute it gets. I have faith in this project and i believe it will outrun the steemit platform.

Really great SMOKE news!

Now I waiting "to the moon"))

This means mooooooon... Smoking moon ahead! Cheers smokers... Let's celebrate it.

wow good news now we can easily withdeow or send..


how exackly


how long did u wait , i send yesterday and still nothing on escodex

That's big news! Great job @smokenetwork and everyone involved in making this step. Cheers

Great NEWS !!! BEST REGARDS, @smokenetwork !

Good news for sure!

Great news) The main thing to remember is that we are not only for trade. But to enjoy the messages of each other))
Good mood to you all! let's love each other! and light a shoal of school together))

i make second deposit and it takes 30 h again and still i didnt have it on escodex. honestly changing smoke for other crypto should be easier and fluent . i am disapointed


So sad to hear this


and another day didnt get my smoke , it was send 50 hours ago , i wrote to [email protected] abut 6 messages and he didnt answer . thats realy not nice . i lost 98 smoke on that exchange - 28 i sold and bought btc , but cannot withdraw it because amount is to small . ESCODEX IS SHIT . let mi know when you'll be on exchange like . THIS IS FUCKING JOKE. WITH WHO I SHOULD TALK IF THAT FUCKER DONT RESPONSE