New Features!

2 years ago

Cartoon by @ladaural

We have been working hard to bring the best possible user experience to the Smoke community while at the same time expanding our user base through various initiatives.

Tabs & Main Categories!

Introducing the main categories and tabs:

Tabs allow you to see exactly what you interested in and find the best content available in each!

When you create a post you will now choose a main category...
Feel free to use your own tags directly in your post.

DTube, TheWeedTube & Twitch Embeds!

You can now copy the embed code from your favorite places and they will natively display on

For now copy the entire embed code and add your own image into your post for the thumbnail until our next update. Like this (Sorry ya'll):

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="!/enjoyinglife/067dsgr7" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Upsmoke removed from feeds

You may notice the upsmoke (and resmoke) button are no longer in the feed. Readers and Curators must now click and read the post in order to upsmoke!

You can still see how much the post is set to payout and how many comments a post has received.

Cosmetic & content changes

We have added a bunch of small UI changes, updated the content and translations to better suit the User Experience and updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

Custom Search

We have added a search feature so that users can easily find a post they are searching for.

Thank you to everyone that has suggested updates... As always feel free to add your suggestions on how we can improve your experience!

Until the next update... Happy Smoking!

#smokenetwork #smokeio #update

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One category that we would need is paraphernalia or something similar.

Beautiful done! Maybe the topics would look better like in this photo, as @arsenal49 said, it's a bit confusing near the ad.


I think an option to choose where the menus show up would be better. I like the options at the top.


@mbj bruv . You showed up on someone's feed 😅😅


I agree having them on the side bar would make it look more seamless and kill some if that dead space. Somke shoud distinguish itself by making it less like steemit and it koring interface.

@smokenetwork how to we get support or offer suggestion on how to improve @smokenetwork?

Nice changes to the UI and tag removal might make it simpler when searching for desired content, but there is a couple of things now missing. We can't see if the post is already voted unless we open the post and scroll it down. And to make that harder (probably not intended :P) there is no side scroll bar.


I think you should remember if you upsmoked a post and why you did it.

You're upsmoking a post after you read it right?


Hmm, we don't think that human memory should be trusted lel. Plus while doing it high can make it even more troublesome hehe.


I was going to reply exactly that. Wouldn't be first time I read something being high and read it again 20 minutes and find it awesome again. Usually takes much longer to realize I had read it already.


Yeah, it simply can waste time and we don't see a reason why would it be "hidden", so to speak, before entering the post page.


Actually a small marker (think top right corner being orange) could be the solution for that.

If voted... marker shows. Dev in da house? 😁


Great notice, just small change of color can be sign. Don't think that should be hard to implement.

Wow nice update
We can now easily search for desired post base on the headline...
But it harder now to upvote i just check a post twice now, to check whether i upvote it or not

nice updates,,,,, beautiful and we looking forward for next updates.

This new way of labeling posts messes with my work and will ruin my impact on and for smoke.

I am still trying to build my presence but I have been building a community under the tag #serfnews as my main category. This new means of selecting things dislodges my work from its established corner and makes it harder for me to build that community which is designed for cross promotion of platforms. Virtually all of my posts are labeled NSFW due to the content linked in these posts, but as a main category off topic is the only one that it would fit into that I can choose... this has essentially taken freedom away from members to put there content where they feel it belongs... no one wants their main category to be a catch all for things the dev team didn't feel was important

Es buena noticia

Altough small this are great UI changes, and i'm loving them. What is more important is to give to someone visiting the website for the first time a reason to sign up and stay. The tabs idea is completely fabulous and helpfull! I would only suggest if the box below could have a different background colour, maybe yellow:

Please remember to read our community content guidelines before posting content. Copying and pasting content from other sites without crediting the author is a form of plagiarism which may be penalized by the community. To earn more Smoke create original content or curate others content and gain curation rewards.
HINT: Curation rewards on Smoke are often higher than your voting weight.

Also and MOST IMPORTANT, i just noticed that ads weren't appearing while i visited the site, and then i remember i had adblock turned on, so to everybody reading this please turn it off on, so there can be more advertising revenue and with that purchase back more Smoke! :)

Awesome update... This will really improve the user experiece...

But looks like my Side Scroll Bar doesnt show up again

Upsmoke removed from feeds

Could you add an indicator, I'm not seeing it as an orange icon on the overview so I've re-opened links I've already curated a couple times.

Another thing I've encountered is if I'm opening 10+ tabs of new content a small portion of them will load as if i'm logged out until I hit f5

Great features, I love every aspect of it! And also thank you for considering my suggestion to add a search button. Also thanks for the off topic . Now people who want to post unrelated topics can use this and I can avoid curating them unless their content is great😄🙌🙌🙌🌿🌿

This update is much needed in the platform since users are forced to go to the post of the blogger, hence... should be the case... no longer can anyone upsmoke without going to the post and hopefully users would leave comments for interactions Great update and improvement. I love the ideas of each of the categories.

no longer can anyone upsmoke without going to the post and hopefully users would leave comments for interactions Great update and improvement. I love the ideas of each of the categories.
That might be the case for some users, but what do you think about being unable to see if you already voted that post or not before opening it and scrolling to the end?

This is also what bothers me about this change.

i already find Embeds form for my video, thanks

This is great guys! Looks good. I think this will improve interaction and more commenting.

With such a little time , our smoke team has done so much improvement in the front end! It’s commendable! Three cheers to smoke network team 🍻🍻🍻

You guys are doing amazing job to provide all of us a user friendly environment 🤗 Thank you so much!

With 💕,

Great work!

Goot Update

Thanks for the new update. This is great and about the tag. You said we can use our own tags, how can one do that? I can see one can only choose from the drop down.

when using smoke now, there are a couple of issues.

  1. the scroll bar for nvigating the page is gone
  2. in the post section you cannot expand the text box anymore
  3. The new keyword input only allows one tag to be used at a time.

These issues have been foun on a preliminary look, I will do some bugtesting and see what else shakes out.


Yeah there are some issues as you mentioned, but you can use #thensomehashtag in the text of your post to add more tags.

Awesome! I'm happy to see art got its own category here on Smoke!!!

I took Sunday off online and I seem to need to get caught up today with the changes.
Thanks for sharing this!

Upsmoke removed from feeds
You may notice the upsmoke (and resmoke) button are no longer in the feed. Readers and Curators must now click and read the post in order to upsmoke!


And the custom search box? KUDOS!!

Woo hoo.... these are excellent updates. Incredible incremental Improvements .... fantastic. That’s the way to do it.

Great update thanks for the good work. I would like to see in the future a Voting Slider any plans on the release?


Would love to see that too. I know there already exists for accounts with more than 50 000 smoke but i think they should lower that for at least 10 000 Smoke.


You can use this as a current solution for splitting your votes.

@smokenetwork Though I like the new design and many of the changes; I am not a fan of the limitations for the tags and categories. Most sites let the user set the tags, up to five and make a dynamic list of the popular tags. I do not like being forced to choose a short list of tags. My nugporn usual has the strain type and name in the tag. Now I can only add one pre determine tag.