This Week In Cannabis Smoakpipe Podcast - Thailand Legalizes Medical Marijuana

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5 months ago

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The Smoak wood cigar pipe is designed to look and feel like you're smoking out of a real cigar, giving you that smooth feeling of drawing smoke into your mouth as you sit back and enjoy the beverage of your choice. Smoke trees like a boss.

Made From North American White Oak Hardwood.

This is the ONLY smoking pipe made out of wood and made to look like a cigar.

Non-Porous, Ultrahard, High-Temperature White Ceramic Bowl Inlay
Can withstand up to 3075 Degrees Fahrenheit.

100% All Natural and easy to clean. NO: Lacquers, Paints, Fillers, Dyes, Flecks, Thinners, Color agents, VOC emitting products or makeup added to your cigar pipe.

Discreet, Portable, and Indestructible.

Small shape fits easily in your pocket.

Great for wartime and peace.

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Unarguably the biggest trend worldwide, more countries will join the train of cannabis legalization soon, I'm optimistic. Great news


exciting times we live in!

Awesome video, Thanks for sharing this to smoke and giving smoke a shout out.

That recall sucks on cali and everyone all cause one asshole lied about his shit. These are the morons that give us all a bad name


very true we need clean weed!

Very cool video. I like the sound of that pipe. As an pipe collector and enthusist I am very interested in that piece. I see they re all sold out. Will there be new pieces in the future? I have quite a few pipe reviews on my channel.


of course we will restock! check back in two weeks!

East Coast Sour Diesel man!

Great NEWS from Thailand! In this way cannabis industry will grow! Happy New SMOKE!