Thailand: The First in Southeast Asia to Legalize Medical Marijuana

8 months ago

Despite the strict penalties that was imposed to illegal marijuana users in Bangkok, the government’s right-wing in Thailand recently has given its way on the legalization of medical cannabis last December,26, 2018. Thailand is the first Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana.
They planned to prioritize on creating a homegrown marijuana that could boost their industry by creating a ‘world-class cannabis’. They aim to cultivate cannabis from their rich and fertile farmlands which will benefit the poor people and uplift their way of living.

At this point in time, marijuana industry has not started yet until such time that proper regulations will be ironed out to avoid complications. However, the authorities secretly granted their scientists to build the first cannabis laboratory in Asia. Rigid studies were done at Rangsit University by using THC oil, distilled from the cannabis plant. The supply is said to have been supplied by the Bureau of Anti-Narcotics in Thailand. In short, they got their cannabis from lawbreakers for medical purposes! There were about 40 kilos of bricked weed, which were contaminated with other residues hence, they need to distill it first in their laboratory. Indirectly, traffickers of cannabis played an important part in the pursuit of producing medical cannabis.

Just like in the US and other countries where cannabis has been legalized and decriminalized, medical cannabis were manufactured to treat patients with various ailments and suffering from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and those suffering from cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The prototypes that were presented were THC-infused wafers, oils for back and stomach massage as well as nasal sprays.

Thai scientists likewise produced THC-Infused powder and blend in with white and black pepper, ginger and sandalwood along with cannabis leaves of course.

The University will include ganja studies in their curriculum, the first in Asia. The study will specialize in medical cannabis, pharmaceuticals and teach how to plant cannabis in good quality. The call of demand may be high, but the curriculum will not be described as major but rather a minor study only. There have been various enrollees on the list already even if the said program will take effect, maybe a year or so.

The dean of the College of Pharmacy said, that the program aims to build their own studies and research through their own cannabis strains and not depend on those coming from confiscated marijuana by the police authorities.

Above is the first legal cannabis crop grown in a legal laboratory by a Thai professor of the University in the northern part of Bangkok. The news spread like fire in Thailand. Analysts start to make their own analysis. Some politicians are even pushing further the legalization of recreational marijuana inspired by California’s House Bill. But then, it will take time before such will be embodied. It is still undergoing a transition period. Ganja is only grown in greenhouses duly approved by the government.

For starters, only a few were dispensed with small amount of THC oils to the chosen patients in some government hospitals. As of the moment, there’s no enough volume of legal cannabis yet that would empower a cannabis industry.

  • Cannabis Legalization is starting to be politicized *

This fear has started to show up. Politicians begin to capitalize the legalization of cannabis not only for medical use only but also for recreational use.

In fact, the advocacy set forth by the Bhumjaithai party's cannabis advocacy has helped it to become the fourth biggest political force in political elections in March.

Thai activists campaigned for the legalization of medical marijuana in Bangkok.

There is fear that this wonder plant business will be monopolized by influential government officials, perhaps, or other foreign countries or one monster company whose focus are mainly for profit and not for the welfare of its people. They won’t allow it. Their main responsibility is to create and develop world-class cannabis for medical purposes only. All they wanted was to link with planter-farmer’s cooperatives for them to do the planting and profit from it, all of which are for medical purposes only.

Until here, I will expound further on the other Asian countries that have opened their doors on the legalization and decriminalization of medical marijuana, such as Japan, North Korea, Malaysia ,
China, Philippines, and the rest. Thank you for dropping by.


  • Credits to Patrick Winn of ‘The World’ for the photos


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Well, I hope all other asian nations, particularly the Philippines, would follow suit. The Thai government is surely making the initiative and effort to legalize medical marijuana since it is a huge booming industry which will benefit not only the farmers but also the State.. Many jobs will be created, taxes imposed as well as exporting the goods and products will be at a higher level.


You bet @indaymers! I am also confident that the Thailand government have strict rules laid with regard to legalization of medical marijuana. They are more focused on the medical side and for the welfare of it's people. I am positive that our government will soon join the bandwagon. Thank you for your time.

Wow! Congratulations to the Thailand people. Thank you for sharing this to us @sarimanok. I smell in the near future we will be the one who will be given the same things.
#legalization is the answer of my longing now that i have pain in my body.
Great contest. Keep smoking my dear.!


Hello dear @lawlai! Don't worry, just think positive and everything will be put into the right place sooner or later. I am looking forward to legalization in our country too.. Thank you for dropping by.

Great development!


Indeed, it is @weedcash.rewards. A good action for their community and future marketing industry. Thanks for coming here.

It's kind or ironic that the countries with the most severe penalties for cannabis possession are the once with the richest history of use. It's good to see that more and more of them are opening their arms to their old tradition of cannabis cultivation. Let's hope it continues like that.
There is a big factor of rich people monopolizing it. But if we are going to be honest it would happen or try to happen in every country that tries to legalize it. Its a struggles that happens everywhere. Rich people want in on anything that sounds profitable. And currently cannabis is one of the most potential for profitable businesses in the world.


You're right @zuculuz! They have more than 700 prisoners for possession of this illegal drugs and they want it to be legalized to correct the mishandling of cannabis. More often than not, illegal cannabis distribution is more on the recreational side and this is where the problem arises. Proper education is the key through legalization. Thanks for being here, Good day mate!


It's sad to have to see it being so accepted but still so severely punished.