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Dangerous Drug Board (DDB) Approved in Principle the use of CBC for Epilepsy in the Philippines last December, 2019. 

I was watching the evening news report on TV and somewhat bored and sleepy looking at the newscaster. The next report made me fully awake of what I’ve heard: The use of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the Philippines is now approved! Now, this is somewhat an exciting news! It said that the Dangerous Drug Board (DDB) has ‘approved in principle’ as to the use of cannabis for epilepsy. Now they’re making sense. 

Undersecretary Benjie Reyes, a permanent DDB member said that the World Health Organization (WHO) made the recommendation to grant the use of CBD with additional 0.1%THC. It’s one step forward for the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines. The advocates who were responsible for pushing the use of medical marijuana to be legalized in the Philippines scored a triumphant victory.  

CBD has long been legalized in several states but not in the Philippines. In fact, one mother with a Down syndrome child was stopped at the airport, for questioning since she carried along with them some cannabis drugs which was intended for her sick child. 

In 2018, the US Drug Enforcement Agency has approved the use of CBC with 0.1% THC. The Philippines is one of the signatories during the UN Convention on Psychotropic drugs. On same year, the use of Epidiolex was approved by the FDA. 

EPIDIOLEX was manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals. This CBD oral solution is intended to treat seizures related with syndromes such as Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet, specifically for patients aged 2 yrs old and above. The use of such will alleviate seizures of these kind of patients. So far, this is the first of its kind with purified substance from cannabis and the first FDA approved for treatment of patients suffering from Dravet syndrome. 

According to Scott Gottlieb, a doctor and FDA commissioner, that this approval is a significant indication that ingredients containing marijuana when properly evaluated could be beneficial towards relevant medical therapies. 


As of 2014, about 250,000 children suffered from epileptic seizure disorder, Dr. Donnabel Cunanan said, PCCS spokesperson and House Bill no. 279 lead advocate. She said that if the bill passed is approved and becomes a law, it will benefit a lot in treating patients with chronic medical condition. 

Just in case, Medical Cannabis Compassionate Centers (MCCC) will be established and authorized to supply, sell and allocate medical cannabis to the right beneficiaries via S2-licensed pharmacists. It will be reclassified to Schedule 4, re: accepted for medical use (with low potential for abuse) in the Philippines. Further, the University of the Philippines College of Medicines will be the only one authorized to import the said medicine and have the needy patients registered in order to avail of Epidiolex for free. The reason behind is that a year’s supply for one patient would cost them about $32,500. Now that’s something! 

With all of the above, propagation of marijuana for any purpose is still a big NO-NO under Republic Act – 9165. Meanwhile, only those with S2 licensed specialist physicians will be authorized to prescribe these medicines using special “yellow” pads, to procure and avail of drugs that are registered outside the Philippines. This is a good sign that legalization of medical marijuana is slowly encroaching the approval of the Senate not only for epilepsy, but for other kinds of health deficiency sooner or later.


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This will be the beginning and somehow who knows they will be enlightened of what they thought about it. I hope for the legalization fory family who suffer illness and our money are drained everyday.
Thank you for sharing @sarimanok


YW sis @lawlai..with hope that the government will allocate a sound budget for the needed treatment. The amount makes my eyeballs roll..


Yes sis @lawlai. It will be once it has started. I hope it will not be that bad as per @technogirl's comments. Of course, you won't see the effect if you haven't tried it yet. Thanks for coming.

This is a good beginning.... I hope this will lead to at least legalize medicinal mj in the near future...or the soonest possible time.


Yes @indaymers. For the betterment of our constituents who had been deprived to lead a normal life. Thank you for dropping by.

This is great news, little steps and we will get to legalization there, just make take a while but its better than nothing 🙂


Indeed, it is. It's a stepping stone towards legalization. Thank you for being here.

This product sucks those who use it says it sucks I believe them. But I do own stock in this company and it has done fairly well for me. But this product sucks


The price sucks too but then if it went will with you then it's good. Am sure there are other options when your system can't tolerate the effects of the medication. I hope others will read this and make their comments. Their testimony could be used for documentation. Thanks for your opinion.

My uncle have an epileptic dog named charlie, was prescribed with epidiolex and later switched to phenobarbital because it costs them too much unlike pheno.


That could be another option then. Does it contain canna too? Indeed, there could be many options once this drug will be prescribed and legalized. their dog is lucky too. lol