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5 months ago

Greeting everyone!

Last month last year, Heavy weight Seeds released 28 new crossed #strains. Interesting and appealing names are hiding the crosses of the 90s coffeeshops classics.
From heavy Sativas to heavy Indicas, have a look at this selection and I'm sure you'll choose something for yourself.

Green Ninja - Northern Lights x Afghani, 22%, 70% Indica
K.O. Kush - Afghani x Hash Plant x Northern Lights, 19%, 70% Indica
Super O.G. - Hindu Kush x Chemdawg, 20-24%, 60% Indica
Strawberry Cake - Chronic x White Widow x Cheese, 22%, 70% Indica
Goldmine - Mazar x AK49, 22%, 70% Indica
Budzilla - G13 x Skunk, 22%, 50/50
Diesel Drift - Fruit Punch x New York Diesel, 18%, 70% Sativa
Midnight Mass - Kashmiri x Bubble Candy, 21%, 50/50
Monster Profit - Amnesia Haze x Dream Machine, 22%, 60% Sativa
Money Bush - Afghani x Critical Mass, 21%, 80% Indica
Lemon Cake - Lemon Skunk x Cheese, 23%, 80% Indica
Total Paralysis - Moby Dick x Budzilla, 21%, 70% Sativa
Champion - Hindu Kush x Skunk # 14, 19.5%, 70% Indica
Dream Machine - Afghan x Indian x Brazilian, 19%, 60% Indica
Fruit Punch - Skunk x Haze x Northern Lights, 22%, 70% Sativa
Fruit Punch Auto - Skunk x Haze x Ruderalis, 21%, 80% Sativa
Jackpot Auto - Jack Herer x 2 Fast 2 Vast x Ruderalis, 19%, 70% Indica
Short & Sweet Auto - AK x White Widow x Ruderalis, 16%, 60% Sativa
Waist Deep Auto - Chronic Auto x Turbo Bud Auto, 19%, 50/50
High Density Auto - Big Bud Auto x White Dwarf Auto, 18-20%, 80% Indica
Wipeout Express Auto - Afghani Auto x Northern Lights Auto x White Widow Auto, 20%, 90% Indica
Massive Midget Auto - Afghani + Nepalese Auto x Hawaiian + Jamaican Auto, 18%, 50/50
Turbo Bud Auto - Brazillian Auto x Indian Auto x Afghani Auto, 18%, 50/50
Skunky Monkey Auto - Skunk x Northern Lights x Ruderalis, 20%, 70% Indica
Fully Loaded Auto - Super Skunk Auto x Wipeout Express Auto, 20%, 60% Indica
Fast & Vast Auto - Afghani x Skunk x White Dwarf, 17-19%, 80% Indica
2Fast & 2Vast Auto - Fast and Vast auto x auto Northern Lights, 18-20% 80% Indica
Extreme Impact Auto - Mazar Auto x Fast & Vast Auto, 21%, 90% Indica

Thank you for stopping by!

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Holy fuck, So many strains that sounds so dam good, Man like every day my list of strains to try gets bigger and bigger


Tell me about it. I'm supplied for next five years xD

2fast and 2vast..nice name..


They really took an effort in creating names.
Goldmine -> Mazar is huge yielder
Fruit Punch -> everything earthy and fruity
Money Bush -> Critical and so on...

So much old strains on a hit list now this 28 more xD
Thanks for a info!
God bless!

Smoke on!


Retro is in xD