New Strains on Market: CBD Newcomers by Super Strains

7 months ago

Greetings everyone!

Super Strains have released four new #strains. All of them with moderate to high #CBD levels and high to low THC levels in different ratios. If you're lover of high CBD strains, you should definitely check them out. Either for your #grow or just to enjoy some #nugporn.

Sativa dominant, 5% THC, 15% CBD, 55 - 65 days

Hermana de la Noche
Sativa, 19% THC, 4% CBD, ~84 days

Crackers (Amnesia x {Northern Lights #5 x Haze})
Sativa, 16% THC, 5% CBD, ~77 days

Hybrid, 0.9% THC, 20% CBD ~65 days

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Oh they look awesome. I just recently got involved a bit more with CBD after it saved me from going rock stupid from Amnesia Haze.


Well, pure CBD strains are not interesting to me, I got my ways of CBD intake, but I'd like to try something between 1:1 and 5:1 THC to CBD.

Hermana de la Noche looks good.


That sound great too. I spikes enjoy a cbd smoke. I might not get the high feeling but I feel more energized.


I get you. I use CBD crystals. 99% CBD in a white powder form xD You can mix it with E-cig liquid, sprinkle your joint or just dip a finger and lick it... You can even snort it, but it's a waste...

De la Noche has some interesting statistics. It would be my choice.
Who am i lying to, I'd take any.


I just realized I put it wrong for Saga...

Anyways, Hermana would be my choice too...