New Strains Introduction: Humboldt Selection

7 months ago

Greetings everyone!

Humboldt Seed Organization have widened their selection with six mouthwatering #strains. High levels of THC and #nugporn all over the place. If you're fan of this Californian company then definitely should have a look at these new genetics.
Hmm.. What should I choose for my next #grow??

Blue Fire {Blue Dream x Fire OG bx1}
60% Indica, 24% THC, 70 - 75 days

Gorilla Breath {GG4 x OGKB}
80% Indica, 27% THC, 65 - 70 days

OGKZ {Zkittlez x OGKB (OG Kush Breath)}
80% Indica, 24% THC, 60 - 65 days

Sapphire Scout {Girl Scout Cookies x True OG}
70% Indica, 27% THC, 65 - 70 days

Sugar Breath {Do-Si-Dos x OGKB}
70% Indica, 26% THC, 60 - 65 days

Three Blue Kings {Blue Dream x Three Kings}
70% Indica, 24% THC, 63 - 70 days

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Stay Smoked

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Blue Fire is on my must-have list sharing a place with Gorilla Breath!
Smoke on!


Definitely! It looks so incredible!


They** look** so incredible!

Blue Fire and Sougar breath look the most appealing to me. They are going on my list.

Would call on Sapphire Scout!
Smoke on!

I'll be excited to see the progress of any of these strains, but if it was me, I would pick OGKZ or Sapphire Scout. 👍


I like it, both are great. It's hard to pick only one or two, HSO made fantastic job.

Wow, on the first picture, it looks like a Christmas tree

nice photography of smoke

Did you grow these yourself??? They look beautiful! The gorillas breath especially😊


Nope.. Those are just released and new on the market.

But, I'll go for Gorilla Breath and Blue Fire in next grows...


Right on! I look forward to seeing how they turn out for you! Definitely some tasty looking buds!!! I would love to get a hold of some of them😊


Thank you!! They're all terrific, aren't they??


indeed they are! If i had a green thumb I'd be growing a few myself. Eventually it'll be legal here!!

Ojkz or gorrila breathe personal love indica. Goin to have to order some seeds myself lol

PRetty exotic to me!

Sicker than Trumps Sunday farts!!
Beautiful specimens!