Wild witnesses and Trippy competitions

6 months ago

The year has started well hasn't it? New UI changes, mobile apps and you might have even heard, there is a new witness team in town.

@eonwarped, @unnamed and yours truly, @raz are running;


This is the original announcement for us and hopefully if you like what we do, you will show us some love and lend us your support by voting in our witness. The three of us have a lot of relevant experience behind us and are keen to leverage some of that as a community team here for the long haul.

The Cannaweedness 7

1. Love what you do.

2. Never stop learning.

3. Simple is beautiful.

4. Work hard, play hard.

5. You get what you pay for.

6. When you talk, we listen.

7. Respect your inspiration.


Trippy writing contest

If you haven't heard, @unnamed is running a writing competition to relate a "trippy experience" on behalf of @cannaweedness and we are hoping that a lot of people will give it a go. What is going to really make this platform something special will be the relationships we form and the lives we share and even though we might not meet each other face to face, I am certain that there is more than a handful of us who have overlapping experiences.

Rules & regulations >>> found here <<<


The three contributions with the highest scores will be rewarded with additional liquid SMOKE, beyond all rewards a contribution may receive from Smoke members upon publication.

1st place250 SMOKE
2nd place150 SMOKE
3rd place100 SMOKE

This will be judged by the @betgames witness and @cannaweedness teams.

Over the coming months, @cannaweedness will be running several competitions that will reward users for getting their creative juices flowing and showing support for the Smoke.io community. We are looking to do much more than that though and you will see us around, doing what we can to help Smoke.io become the premiere weed community in the world.

Happy New Year and may 2019
be awesome for us all.


Tags: #witness #witness-update #cannaweedness

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You guys have 100% of my support. I see huge things coming this year😀


Thank you, it is greatly appreciated. This year is going to see some major investments happen in crypto with the institutions setting up shop and in the weed business as it increases legal adoption. It could be perfectly timed weather for Smoke.io as it is wedged between both of these points nicely.

On a side note: Do you think there should be a formal witness tag added to the list to make it easier to keep track of announcements?


I do think we need a witness tag for sure,

Yeah, I think we are going to see smoke wedge in nicely with people wanting to get into crypto and then cannabis is going to be booming with people and money. It is going to be an awesome ride for sure

It is good to your hear that u guys now have a witness server, hopefully you are going to contribute your own part the success of the community this year, bringing in new development.
So long u guys are active, you will get my vote.


So long u guys are active, you will get my vote.

We will be here :)

The year has certainly started off with a bang, smoke.io is running very smoothly thanks to people like yourself and all the witnesses who are top notch. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out with the"trippy experience" contest, should be fun. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out with the"trippy experience" contest, should be fun.

I am too and I hope people enjoy reminiscing =)

It's kul you guys are running a witness server, that's nice man, you have my support man so long you do your best for the community.... I'll try my best to a part of this contest....happy 2019 man


Thank you and good luck in the contest :)

3in 1 That's the way!
Nice initiative! Wish you a happy new year and all the best!
Keep up the good work and...

Smoke on!

Great move, voted as witness, happy new year


Thank you very much :)


I must thank you, Mate as I still have a lot to learn from you and your experience,

Have a nice Sunday.

This is awesome news, @raz! You got my vote right away.


Cheers @celestal, it is really appreciated :)

Awesome news Raz!


Cheers man, hope you are well.

A good collaboration indeed (!!!) and that is why I didn´t hesitate to vote right away! Amazing things will come in the smoke community in 2019!


Thank you very much :)

i would also like to vote for you but i dont know how to do!


Thanks, If on desktop or phone, top right.


thanks im going to do !!!!