Smoke.Io Inflation Updates - Total Power Up/Down Status - Top 100 Richlist Update - 3/24/2019

3 months ago

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Smoke Inflation - Power Up / Down Update

There is now 19,767,964.42 Smoke powered up, compared to 19,644,941.939 smoke powered up last week. The supply of smoke has increased to 44,057,954.13 from 43,897,553.995. This represents an increase of 239.205.97 total smoke, and an increase of 193.533.27 smoke power. That has yielded an increase in the total percentage of the network powered up from 44.67% to 44.87%. The percentage of new smoke that is still smoke power is 80.9%. The power down during this period accounted for roughly 45,672.7 Smoke.

Top 100 Updates

  • Big Movers

@prettynicevideo moved up 10 spots from 86 to 76, congrats on that huge jump up the list! @lamanoverde once again makes the big movers moving up from 60 to 52, an 8 spot jump up the list! Jonny Boy @jonyoudyer moved up 6 spots from 90 to 84! Congratz to everyone!

  • Top 100 Debuts

@relaylogix has made a major impression with his entry into the Smoke community and has put in a lot of hard work and shared with us some amazing nug shots. He totally deserves to be here.

@BLCKCHND has been on the list before and makes his return to the top 100. Serving as a witness and I believe he is also the founder of the Rudex exchange if I am not mistaking.

The List

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Just a few more weeks and this girl will have earned her slider.


Here i will help 😀

Great report and thanks for this, keep it up! Now i can set a target for myself to appear there hehehe


Your making strides, I am sure you'll make it sooner or later

Frosty looking nugs. I was really hoping to make this list, but I'm about 400 smoke shy of the last spot. Soooooooooo close....


Next update you'll get it

Looks like some new ones in the top 20. Or maybe I just didn't notice before. New investors maybe? Either way it's good to see the number of big accounts growing.


Not since the last update, but I did find some of the accounts in there several reports back

Wow thanks for putting this together. I feel special:]

Nice work. Keep it up

Great post again!! thanks for the mention!! re-smoking it!!!



I love the report! Thank you for the kind words! I love being a contributor to the community! Smoke...Post...Repeat...


Hmm.. apparently I have done something wrong. I keep getting an error when posting. It says missing posting authority relaylogix.
Anyone know what this means.

@rawpride I can't spot myself in your top 100 list, even though I guess I should be in it? 🤔🙃