Smoke.Io Inflation Updates - Total Power Up/Down Status - Top 100 Richlist Update - 3/10/2019

2 years ago

Kosher Kush review to come

Smoke Inflation - Power Up / Down Update

There is now 19,644,941.939 Smoke powered up, compared to 19,574,431.15 smoke powered up last week. The supply of smoke has increased to 43,897,553.995 from 43,818,748.15. This represents an increase of 78,805.845 total smoke, and an increase of 70,510.789 smoke power. That has yielded an increase in the total percentage of the network powered up from 44.67% to 44.75%. To compare this to other similar social media blockchains, Steem has 65.67% of it's network powered up, Whaleshares has 58.83% of it's network powered up. It is a positive sign to me, to be seeing this percentage rise.

Top 100 Updates

  • Big movers

@stevieh50 moved up from spot #76 to #65 to become our sole big mover for this update. Congratz to him on this big move up the list.

  • No New Sliders or new additions to top 100

We haven't seen anyone crack that 50k smoke power achievement to unlock the slider in a while now, and this update sees no new additions to our top 100. This also means that no one fell off the top 100 this week. We also saw no new accounts reach 10k smoke power.

The List

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I'm going I can make your next update. I'm getting super close now.


I hope ya do!

I need to do some more posts, hustle and get on that list!


Gotta show off some of that purple dank! 👽

Thanks for these updates, very interesting to see! And of course it's a good sign to see total percentage of the network powered up increasing!


No problem, I do it cuz it's interesting to me. Glad people are interested as well. Hopefully someone eventually automates this :)


That's boss, appreciate it. That is a great movie, I'm trying my damndest to remember the name but it's not coming to me.


Starship Troopers?


Yeah, starship troopers :P


AHaha, That's right, I'm gonna have to re-watch that one, such a classic.

Its a very special list. i would like my name listed in the top 10 of the list.


I'd like to bacon fall from the sky...

oooh, sole big mover :) this could get competitive!

Nice update, wanna be the next big mover

Oh I grew on the list. Neat. I rearly check myself. I let it inflate for a few days then take it. So I rearly check how much I have myself. Thanks for reminding me.

I need to be more active :) Thanks for the stats

Too high to make it on this 😏👽

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