Inflation Updates - New Richlist - 5/19/2019

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Smoke Inflation - Power Up / Down Update

There is now 19,911,296.38 Smoke powered up, compared to 19,767,964.42 smoke powered up last week. The supply of smoke has increased to 44,704,152.47 from 44,057,954.13 . This represents an increase of 646,198.34 total smoke, and an increase of 143,331.96 smoke power. That has yielded a decrease in the total percentage of the network powered up from 44.87% to 44.54%. The percentage of new smoke that is still smoke power is 22.1%. The power down during this period accounted for roughly 502,866.38 Smoke.

Top 100 Updates

  • Big Movers

We had a lot of big movers as it's been a while since the last time I have done one of these, way too many for me to point out.

  • New Additions

@ttr and @armshippie have made a big splash not only being new to the list but coming in at #74 and #75

The List

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Great report, thank you!

Valuable content. Thank You.

Amazing work @rawpride I'm happy to see my position on the list :)

Thanks for the report! re smoking it!!

How do you generate this report? I would like to do something with the data.

Thanks for the richest list, I really like to know what’s going on at the top.



Since your last list update, I hit the 50K SP and got my slider.....


Nice job, congratz! I think @jackdub got his too now?


congrats 👍

This is about Smoke POwer, right? Because …



Sorry, I missed ya, I do it manually, so that's the flaw in the method, I gotta manually find anyone new to the list.


What? That's a hell lot of work! And how are you going to go on with that when the numbers increase? I mean, it already seems to be too much. :)
Anyways: Thanks for this huge effort!

It must take a ton of work to do all this.

I'll smoke this

I finnaly made the list! Awesome! 75 is not bad either! Can't wait to see where I'm at next time!