Illinois has Legalized Adult-Use Cannabis

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10 months ago

"llinois is one signature away from joining the 10 other states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

With a bipartisan vote of 66-47, the House approved a bill Friday that had been passed by the Senate Wednesday. Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who campaigned for office on a promise to legalize pot, almost immediately issued a statement in which he promised to sign a bill that he said offers “the most equity-centric approach in the nation."

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Illinois joins 10 other progressive states

Only 6 months from now it will be legal for all Illinois residents to use, possess and purchase Cannabis. A day I have looked forward to for a long time. What remains to be seen is how quickly they will be able to regulate and open up recreational dispensaries. I know my dispensary owns the building next door and they plan to use that location for recreational and keep the current location strictly medical.

Supply concerns

We have already seen supply problems with some of the most popular cultivators in the state. The law is strict and makes it difficult for anyone who isn't backed by a lot of capital to get a license, and also limits those people to 3 facilities. I am concerned about a possible drought when legalization hits.

Illinois is picking it's citizens bones

Illinois is making a serious cash grab on it's citizens before Federal legalization hits and they have to compete with the lower prices of other legalized markets. I look at the constraint on supply as a way to keep prices high.

Not true legalization

It's a plant, but you still can't grow it, unless you have a med card, which I do, so I'm gonna grow it now. People who don't have med cards though, won't be able to grow it, and that's not fair. They will be subject to paying the high prices at the dispensary as long as they remain high.

Access to safe and clean medicine

A positive side of this is people will be getting access to safer and cleaner medicine. In the black market, you never really know what your getting. A lot of it is what got rejected by dispensaries, or didn't pass lab tests and managed to make it's way out the back door of a facility.

Greater options

Legalization brings greater options of products and strains. Even the best black market dealer can't compete with all the variety of options modern dispensaries carry. So you can find products to suit exactly what your looking for. For most people it's exactly what they are looking for.

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I'm happy for the people of Illinois.

This is huge for us! I'm not thrilled about the startup cost for licensing or only med patients being able to grow. But it's a great start.

At least that' s a way to begin with with the medical card..... I think when recreational pot is completely legal there..lots of dispensaries will pop up everywhere so the locals do not need to hop from one legal state to another to get their stuff. Good luck to all of you living in Illinois!

This are great news for the people of illinois :)

The method of usage should be a concern.