Ataraxia Branding change?

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3 months ago


I noticed on these new strains that they are branded with Verano instead of Ataraxia. It also lists their website I know that Verano is the parent company that owns Ataraxia, so I wonder if they are rebranding all of their brands. I am also aware that Verano was recently bought out by Harvest Health and Recreation.

New Strains, higher quality

These new strains were crazy and they have been selling out as fast as they showed up. I think at this point, all of the new Ataraxia ones are gone. Every strain was really fantastic. I think they all make my top 20. I have a new opinion of Ataraxia. They have really stepped their game up and learned to cure their buds well.

No more til June

My dispensary told me they were limited in what they could order and that there wouldn't be any more of these new strains until June. That's really disappointing to hear when they are so fire. I got a lot of good photos of these strains that I'm excited to share with ya'll.

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What a teaser bro!