Smoke Campaign is back after the break - Join us.

2 years ago

After some few breaks with my team, the smoke campaign is back on track - the Atlas smoke campaign is an initiative endorsed by the beyondbitcoin projects to ensure visibility for their supported projects and outreach.
The social campaign starts today to end on Friday (March 15)

The atlas team are carry out this outreach initiatives with about 7users and with 20+ accounts on different social platforms to spread across ,the news of smoke platform with the little ways they could.

Please you can join us and promote this platforms, voluntary if you want to or join our discord, become an atlas member to receive rewards after campaigns are done.

The success report and analysis of the campaign would be posted on Sunday, after efforts and each users posts has been analyzed.

Our previous smoke campaign

The smoke Twitter campaigns we the atlas community initiate on social medias for wider audience and to reach more likely minded marijuana enthusiasts like us might not be how you envision it to be, but we are working harder than you could imagine to see our efforts yield more results and blossom. everyday we are strategizing with numerous ideas, plans, so as we grow and learn more, we shall auto roll out some tools and motions that will help us on promoting and marketing the smoke platform properly but for now, all we ask is for more support from the smoke community and we hope we could count on you guys.


Brought to you by the atlas team

The Atlas team are enthusiastic online networkers on the atlas project, who are passionate about promoting any supported projects of the atlas especially DPOS chains.


LIFECOIN IS A COMMUNITY TOKEN BACKED BY @marshalllife whalestake and the @project-atlas stakes and its the official payment method of the atlas project.

1 lifecoin = 1% FOR UPSHARES

Or Use to summon FREELANCERS to do your bidding.
By sending your lifecoin to bitmar5 with the skills or your wants - what you want us to do.

Create a bitshares account here

Do your love what we do? And You would love to support Us? !!! Consider Giving us your support votes on this projects.

More about our BP and Road maps

1. Whaleshares

We @project-atlas is running a witness node on whaleshares and we need your support. Kindly consider giving us your witness vote by clicking on this link NO PRESSURE

2. Smoke

We are BLOCKPRODUCERS On the smoke platform, if you love what we do on promoting the smoke network - Kindly consider giving us your witness votes.
On (vote @project-atlas) NO PRESSURE

3. Enumivo Blockchain

We are block producer on the Enumivo project, a fork of Eos chain with the envision Of deploying A UBI dapp in the future for humanity.
You love what we do? kindly vote our BP. @projectatlas NO PRESSURE

Our road map

More about our future road maps and how we planned to channel our block rewards on building a promotional dapp and on running Ads on high user base websites like Facebook/Cojntelegraph and CMC in order to drive traffic to this network, plus more info about our promotional dapps read here

NOTE: @project-atlas is hiring people with various skillsets that would help to improve the platform.
More here kindly check at [we are hiring] section on

For more info
Mail: [email protected]


To many promotion is scary

But to us it's a fun filled fun

images (14).jpeg

Image source

And may the atlas force be with you and us.
#campaign #outreach #smoke #visibility

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The witnesses your post promotes to vote for are not smoke witnesses.


Also, your post’s leadpic makes it look like Cannabis is doping.

“Can help athletes perform better”? 🤔

That’s at best pseudo-science, worse possibly deceptive, at worst marketing fail because of potential doping connotation.


Yeah for the witness mentioned - it was a mistake from our writer who thought whaleshares is our official blog and doesn't know we post smoke contents on smoke only.
She is sorry. 🙏

The way your replies are though.
Sounds ridiculous.


You are a witness depending on votes and when a voter tells you that there may be an issue with your not self-written [witness] update posts, you reply:

The way your replies are though. Sounds ridiculous.

That’s your reply? Fair enough.


Glad we live in a world where those who want to represent us accept no accountability without not so passive aggression.


I have no problems with that witness issues, i only have problems with this.

Also, your post’s leadpic makes it look like Cannabis is doping.

“Can help athletes perform better”? 🤔

That’s at best pseudo-science, worse possibly deceptive, at worst marketing fail because of potential doping connotation

Sounds ridiculous to me as you thought a fact is deceptive.... meanwhile a lot of facts are but they are still fact and had proven authentic.

To me i don't see it as deceptive because it improves athletes and enhance their skills if used properly. many take weed to heighten and enhance ability.... saying that in such manner is like you are attacking us or not in support of what we do.

we don't get paid either for doing the little reaches we do....

you can either join us and make it better or give out input. you stated a problem without giving out a proper solutions.


Do you think we should promote facts also supported by the WADA and USADA?

Yes, it can enhance performance. Yes, it is blacklisted by the World Doping Organisation and the threshold is below micro-dosage level even.

No, it does make it look like a doping substance. It is considered doping. It is doping.

The pseudo-science element was mostly about the lacking link, and actually a way out of the negative doping connotation which is negative. Because that aspect is not necessarily debated.

Thus presentation does matter.

I prefer being a person who votes you as witness. And I reserve the right to highlight things. If you jump at those not with reason but by belittling, I will be always less lenient. I hold the witnesses I support accountable, ask Unity witness on WLS.

I am not perfect but I will fight for this plant to be destigmatized. Presenting it as doping won’t help. Because that’s a list we may need/want to get it removed from with the exception of certain phenotypes.

We still lack a lot of research and WADA already once (minimally) increased the threshold for THC. More research may in the future give us a chance to possibly remove it from the doping list because some strains may not be. It is listed as doping,

We shouldn’t promote it as sports performance enhancing. That is loathed by honest athletes. It the totally wrong approach. But feel free to belittle me over that. Not that you could manage that.

And I shouldn’t necessarily handhold nor spoonfeed.


nobody belittles yah. well like always, we would try improving on the next ones and thanks for your feedbacks. much appreciated.


I agree i never saw the whaleshares witness shit but learn to edit your crosspost as you are a witness you should know this.

As for the image that really is a bad one for sure. It screams performance enhancing drug all over it and we all no that is no image cannabis needs.


there was no cross posting of any such. you can go ahead and check to see if they was.

Well you might be right about the image, everyone has different views on how they see things.

Fascinating information from #Project-Atlas as always ~ Let's go promote #Smoke on #Twitter ~ #CanSmoke