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Our smoke Twitter campaign ended yesterday Wednesday

The three days campaign is to keep on to our monthly schedule,
The atlas have gotten an extra project line ups to spread awareness and have to minimize each day's to fit in this projects.

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The project atlas smoke campaign is an initiative organized by the atlas community on creating a viral visibility and outreach for any supported crypto platform under the beyondbitcoin project in which the smoke platform falls in.

We have in mind in the future that the smoke coins we generated on smoke post or through ruining as a witness, some will be channelled to running paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram as we grow on what ever we do.

mMeaning the more our crowd force grows, the more our outreach and visibility initiatives broaden and spread*

Smoke Campaign analysis from 1st - 3rd

Our previous hashtag, the #cansmoke has been changed to #beyondbSmoke For proper coordination and acceptance in the social platforms ☺.

Thanks to everyone in atlas force that participated and people who later joined.


2,167,324 - Potential Impacts
173,276 - Potential reach
20 Original tweets
9 Original contributors
Total contributors - 39
Total tweets - 125

Some Lovely tweets
Thanks to everyone who added one value or another on this campaign.






Dear smoke community, see you all next month,

We are witness on the Smoke network

For more info

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Thanks for the work you are doing guys!!!


yeah, we will definitely keep up doing this until smoke is out there, and we are working on some strategies to help us on how we do things. we hope it works and many platforms would notice our contents.

Thanks for the shout out. Keep up the good work.



we really appreciate your tweets on the previous, thank you so so much ☺ thanks. more of the same. please can you drop your bts address?


BTS: yourship