Posting from Mobile App

2 years ago

Testing the new App from my Samsung phone.


This is a photo from a local store in Colorado we visited last week on vacation. With cannabis being legal in that state there are lots of novelty items to go with it in stores.

Note: I am not able to post full images right out of my phone, usually 3-4 MB. This is a cropped section of the full photo [1.9MB] and it uploads fine. Andriod editors do not have a native ability to resize photos, only cropping, so this is nit ideal to lose 60% of the photo to post.

Hopefully everyone else can help test the App and provide feedback to the dev team so they can make it AWESOME for us!


#app #android #beta #smoke

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I screenshot the photos from my phone it changes the resolution and allows easy upload. Any other way I seem to get sideway uploaded photos if they upload.


Seems like a decent work-around for now. I am going to look for free Android Apps that resize photos and let everyone know the better ones I find.


The cool things about screenshot is people can't use the photo to print off your work to use on products as the resolution is too low to work on merch so as a photographer it also helps protect my work from being used commerically without my permission.

I just downloaded the app, got to use it with a calm mind and write a review about it, but on gross view, it's awesome
Nice move by the team

Awesome.... have to Try it out.

Good news, didn't know about this before, i would just have to try it out.

we can share only one picture with the app ? it will make it easier sometimes to post with mobile , Nice , resmoked ! :)


I don't think there is a quantity limit, but the size limit seems to prevent the photos from uploading. The issue I have is there is no native app to resize them down in android, but @tecnosgirl mentioned you can 'screen capture' the image on your phone (from the gallery view) and use that. Not ideal, but a good work-around for now.


It is just easier for me to screenshot them. I am a photographer and have the software to easily resize the photos I am just lazy it is quicker to screenshot them then to open my software and resize it, save it then to upload it. I do it because I am lazy...

it's great ,will try it !