The Secret In-House 420 Party In Lagos, Nigeria (7th Heaven 2.0)

10 months ago

Marijuana parties aren’t new but coming from a third world citizen like myself (Nigeria) it is fucking new to me. I operate the Dash Nigeria twitter handle so, while going through my timeline i saw a tweet about this secret 420 party in Nigeria. I was surprise that such would be happening in my city (Lagos) . I know some highly-trained chefs have been holding invitation-only marijuana dinner and fine dining experiences in secretive locations in Lagos but not a party. Even in countries that have approved recreational marijuana, laws typically don’t allow these types of parties not to talk of such party in a third world country.

but i know this 420 party would be really fun for me and i will be able to meet new friends and strong connections for fun and libations. Most importantly will be able to share with the attendees about smoke uncensored platform. this is actually a fun way for millennials to meet new people, bond with their friends, and try out new experiences. Like playing giant jenga, friendly photobooth, burn flying wish paper, projector party, turn on psychedelic lights, rolling contest and eat 420-Enhancing Foods like mango salad, skushi, e.t.c. Not to forget it is pretty cheap just few smoke will pay for the fee.

I am really excited about the secret party i just wished more cautions where applied.

I have had bad experience with the Nigeria police just because of cannabis. been beaten and chased severally. Since i came to Lagos i decided i will never smoke outdoor only in Fela Shrine.

This time i decided to go through the timeline of one of the promoter of the events @ziggyeverything i then noticed this isn't their first event but i was still skeptical wanted to know how they intend to circumvent cannabis prohibition laws and the FED: normally they should have some form of membership form for known stoners so as to easily communicate to them whenever they have a secret party but putting it on social media and selling tickets to random people gave me this fear. I know any police man can buy the tickets get the venue and then come in with his team to get everyone arrested. I felt they should have a list of members email or add people up to decentralized IM apps but they decided to use a centralized IM app like WhatsApp and Telegram which means attendees risk the tendency of the feds getting to join the group and then getting the private phone numbers of the attendees. If they had a private list of people that should have been better. At least people would have been sure of a client-only events and priority access to tickets in the future without having to promote the events on a regular censored social media platform like twitter. Also They should have used decentralized instant messenger like;

  1. DUST;this decentralized IM is a protocol app agnostic, meaning it will allow users with different apps to connect and share without having to be on the same platform. Imagine being able to send a message via WhatsApp to Telegram! without having to leave the platform. Another good feature that would have benefited the organizers of the secret 420 party is the ability to delete messages from receiver’s phone, screenshot notification, and a no-name policy where the user’s name is not displayed in group chats.

  2. E-CHAT; e-Chat is another messaging app that would have been very useful for a cannabis underground party. Because with e-chat you can send and receive not just messages but also payment using P2P environment. This chat messenger comes with multi currency wallets built on the Ether Block chain. With this the bank account and full name of the organizer won't be disclosed. They can either receive payment in gift card, BTC or any other privacy centered payment methods.

Other features include the ability to make voice calls to up to 10 people, HD video calls, and text messages. The ability to publish and monetize content is where e-Chat wants to differentiate itself. e-Chat says bloggers will be able to publish content in different formats to create an additional revenue stream for themselves.

  1. BEECHAT; this is a South Korea based company and it is built on the blockchain which means it is decentralized. Beechat have over a million users. BeeChat messenger will let you send text, audio, and video messages. it also support over 12 currency which means people who intend attending the private party can easily buy any of the supported currency with their Naira account and then pay to join.

Sincerely i had like a million ways to make this more secured but i felt i was over thinking about this so i went back to twitter and i saw this from her; and then she replied;
" trust me on this on a 💯, we're not selling tickets to just anyone.
and besides, shrine cruise na regular cruise.
i'm tryna give people an irregular cruise, something memorable and na that house party gangan go make sense #7thHeavenII 😉"
I know many of you won't get this because she wrote them in pidgin English. But she assured me that they are not selling tickets to random people.

But i sincerely wished they used a more secret means of inviting people and also make sure their communication platform is decentralized and payment system is in cryptocurrency in that way there won't be evidence of participation. I wished the organizers also have this mask for attendees so it will be strictly anonymous but as i said earlier am just overthinking i trust that the organizers know what they are doing.

With her above reply i will be attending and also going with some bulletins and free t-shirts as giveaway to the first five people who are ready to create their smoke account and also follow twitter handle.

It is 4:20 over here. Smoke on Buddy!

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Not safe for sure. Depending how the pigs are too hungry it is not that easy to find it.

Hope we get some pics for the experience. Have fun over there.


definitely i will be sending in some pics!