RAW Foundation Charitable Investment In Uganda (Africa)

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9 months ago

Most Africa countries and their government can hate cannabis as much as they like but they all need to know that cannabis will keep on Saving life in Africa.

The RAW Foundation, the philanthropic and entirely self-funded arm of RAW Rolling Papers, recently helped repaired and refurbished 13 bad wells in Uganda, they also didn't just do that they also setup a Permaculture Design Course for 22 participants. The course helped the locals to learn how to fix wells, how to save wells and also educate the participants on different illness prevention techniques.

Access to fresh and clean water is a major problem in Uganda where the population is 34 million. According to UNICEF life expectancy in Uganda is 54 years. A large percent of childhood deaths are associated with a waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid.

The CEO of RAW Foundation Joshua Kesselman—provided all necessary funds for refurbishing and repair of 13 damaged wells in Uganda to provide fresh and clean water to the populace.

That is not all they also trained 22 participants from three East African countries (Uganda, Kenya and Congo) and they provided certificates to all attendees.

according to RAW foundation "The goal of this course was to introduce and promote methods which allow farmers to take advantage of the rainy season(s) by teaching land water harvesting techniques (digging swales and berms, zai pits, mulching, etc) and various other techniques which utilize animals and polyculture (growing a diversity of foods). Permaculture as a form of farming has huge potential and can be of great benefit to subsistence farmers in East Africa. Traditional farming methods in Africa such as monoculture (planting one crop), slash and burn and the use of commercial insecticides and fertilizers are contributing to soil depletion, decreased yields and the dependence on costly chemicals. This course provided students with natural, organic, easily implemented methods which can increase yields and overtime provide food in abundance and eradicate poverty."

At the end of the course students received certification in Permaculture Design from the Midwest Permaculture Design Institute under the instruction of Grant Shadden.

This is not the first time RAW Foundation’s came in to help Africa.

Some of their outstanding charity investment included creating a water project in the Congo, investing in an orphanage home in Bali, Indonesia, and building or repairing water wells in Ethiopia. I saw one of their work at Mother Theresa’s main hospital in the capital(They helped installed a large-scale water distribution system), they also didn't stop there they went ahead to install a water filtration machine for a second hospital in Semera, Ethiopia which allows the RAW water system to distribute clean purified drinking water to the community.

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That'd great news. And once again does a cannabis oriented business help people. In contrast where those who own most of the world's money don't do shit.